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TSA-Approved Beauty Minis For Your Next Vacay That Will Save You At Airport Security

TSA-Approved Beauty Minis For Your Next Vacay That Will Save You At Airport Security

Hey, you globetrotter, where are you jetting off this summer? Is it a place where you may sip a fine cocktail under the stars while gazing out at the endless sea? Hell, yeah! But if you’re someone who definitely needs separate luggage just for your beauty essentials don’t break a sweat. Our guide to lugging around a bagful of 100ml beauty minis will save you at the airport security and ensure you never spend an extra penny on excess baggage. Ahead, TSA-friendly minis that are convenient, affordable and absolutely practical.

Under 100ml Travel-Sized Beauty Essentials For Carefree Holidays


Hydration On The Go

Looking for an all-in-one skin care routine? Dot & Key ‘s five-piece set has it all. You’ll have everything covered, from a deep pore cleanser, serum to the brand’s favourite lip plumping sleeping mask.

Paint A Rosy Picture

When all that travelling has taken a toll on you, nothing beats a refreshing spritz of rose water. Kama Ayurveda’s Pure Rose Water helps balance out your skin’s natural pH, tightens pores, and works as an alcohol-free toner. This tops our list of travel-size beauty favourites.

Lend A Hand Cream

We cannot highlight enough, the necessity of using hand cream while vacationing. All of that hand sanitizer leaves your skin dry, but this hand cream is all you need to keep your beautiful hands soft and supple! We’re sold!

Prep + Prime

Every now and then, we all want to treat ourselves to some incredible products, and this face mist is every beauty afficianado’s cult favourite. This lightweight mist, infused with cucumber and green tea, will give you a soft shine while prepping and priming your skin before and after makeup.

Take The Day Off

And to remove your makeup while travelling, try this gentle, pint-size micellar water that over a million beauty buffs swear by.

Hair Styling Duo

It’s a frizz-fighting leave-in conditioner that offers a subtle hold to your curls while moisturising and detangling them. And it works best when your hair is moist and towel dried.

Lengthen Your Lashes

For all you Too Faced fans, this is a must-have in your travel beauty kit. Curl your lashes and apply this mascara before heading for a party or getting off a plane to lengthen your lashes and WOW everyone!

Lips Don’t Lie

With this creamy matte lipstick, you won’t be complaining about your lipstick smudging under a face mask. It stays put for a long time. Happy journey!


With this travel-sized roll-on bottle, you can finally enjoy your favourite perfume for a fraction of the price. This dreamy floral perfume will quickly become your favourite and will linger on your skin for hours.

Bring on the glow when on the go!

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17 Jun 2022

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