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8 Hacks To Help Brittle Nails

Brittle Nails? These Easy-Peasy Ways Will Ensure That They Grow Longer & Stronger ASAP!

Hands up if your brittle and chipped nails are in need of TLC? If you belong to the brittle nail crew, you must be well aware of how devastated we feel when a nail we’ve worked so hard to grow breaks. Brittle nails aren’t just annoying, they can be downright painful too. Whether it’s due to overuse of overlays, vitamin deficiencies, or seasonal skincare concerns- it’s actually pretty easy for your nail beds to feel weak.

So, to look after your nail health, we’ve rounded up some ways in which you can actually look after them so that you can achieve your nail goals ASAP.

8 Lifestyle Changes To Make Your Nails Grow Long And Strong


Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

We have said it a hundred times but it bears repeating- we are what we eat. Incorporating the right amount of protein in your diet can help strengthen your nails and accelerate the rate of growth. Make sure you’re getting the daily recommended dose of protein every day to help your nails grow strong.

Try A Keratin Supplement

Yes, you heard it right. Keratin isn’t just for your hair but it can actually make your nail grow long and strong. Keratin supplements build strength and resilience in our nails, much in the same way it works on our hair. It can either be applied topically in oil form or can be taken orally.

Eat Your Vitamins

Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid is extremely important to maintain your nail’s health. Although it’s naturally available in foods such as whole grains or legumes, if you are planning to take supplements, it’s best to consult your doctor beforehand. Folic acid can actually make your nails grow more quickly and make them stronger as well as less prone to breakage.

Use An Acetone-Free Nail Paint Remover

Most nail paint removers rely on harsh chemicals like acetone. Acetone is a really powerful chemical that not only strips away the nail paint but also rips off the natural nail oils that keep nails healthy and hydrated. The result? Brittle and dry nails. Instead, invest in a natural formula that can restore the protein and harden your fragile fingernails.

Keep It Short And Sweet

Looking for an easy way to keep your nails from breaking? Try round-shaped edges as they are less prone to breakage or trauma that results in peeling or cracking. It may seem counterintuitive to keep your nails short-ish, especially when you’re looking to grow them but it actually works.

Don’t Pick Or Peel

Just as we are supposed to resist the temptation to pick at our face when we have a zit, likewise it’s best to leave your nails alone when they are breaking it when your polish is peeling. Instead, replace this habit with self-care by coating your nails with a keratin-based strengthener whenever you notice the damage.

Keep ‘Em Moisturised

While we all follow a rigorous skincare regime and hydrating forms the core of any solid beauty routine, the same goes for our nails and cuticles. Using a cuticle oil can help avoid picking and breakage while keeping your nails healthy, hydrated, and flexible too. Dry nails are prone to chipping while well-moisturised ones will grow nice and strong.

Now that you know how to keep them nice and long, coat your nails with this suber-glossy, chip-resistant nail enamel. The range of nail enamels delivers vibrant pigment, stays puts, and will keep your nails nourished and protected.

Chipped, brittle nails who?

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27 May 2021

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