She Came & She Conquered: 8 Beauty Trends That Were Made Ultra Famous By Kim Kardashian

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 21, 2021
She Came & She Conquered: 8 Beauty Trends That Were Made Ultra Famous By Kim Kardashian


You can call Kim Kardashian many things: beauty and shapewear mogul, law student, reality TV icon, mom, businesswoman, and the godmother of all influencers. With her eponymous makeup line and a penchant for perpetual risk-taking, Kim Kardashian continues to rewrite the rules of her own beauty manual, which over the years, has gained her a cult following. She is the indisputable style queen who has earned her place as a beauty icon.

Kim Kardashian is a beauty maven through and through. And she’s a brave one at that. From going platinum blonde on a whim to introducing dexterous contouring, fluttery lashes, and her signature nude lips – the mom of four’s a legend. The reality star-turned-entrepreneur has created and transformed beauty trends like no other in the entirety of modern celeb-dom. She certainly influences sales in fashion and beauty, but before she does that, she sets the trends for her 259 million followers. Her impact on the beauty industry has been monumental, to say the least. So in honour of her 41st birthday, here are eight beauty trends that Kim Kardashian turned into viral moments, and we stan.

8 Beauty Fads That Went Viral Because Of Kim Kardashian

The Art Of Contouring

The 2010s was the decade when Kim Kardashian introduced us to the art of contouring. Contouring has been around for ages, but it took Kim Kardashian to make this long-time makeup secret popular among beauty mavens. The makeup technique uses dark and light concealers or powder to create more defined cheekbones, nose, and razor-sharp jawline.

Baking To Highlight Your Best Facial Features

Along with her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, Kim popularized baking, a popular makeup technique used to highlight and exaggerate facial features. It’s now commonly used by influencers and beauty enthusiasts alike to nail a celeb-esque sculpted look.

The Statement Middle Parting 

Ah yes, the middle part is definitely so ‘90s, but in 2015 Kim Kardashian made it cool again. If you’ve got an oval face, try out this hairstyle. It’s such a classic look and is still going strong. Does anyone else get a ‘90s supermodel vibe from this? We do.

Rapunzel-Esque Tresses

Now Kim Kardashian might have some extensions in for this sea goddess look, but if your tresses are long enough, just take some styling mousse and sea salt to create these beach locks. This hairstyle is guaranteed to rake in all the compliments. 

Fluttery Lashes To Hake An Eye-Centric Moment

Admit it, Kim Kardashian’s perfect eyelashes make you green with lash envy. And, you know what? We don’t blame you. Ever since we’ve witnessed Kim’s fuller flutter, we have been totes in love with wispy lashes. Add this to your cart to rock picture-perfect Kim K. lashes. 

Sleek And Chic Ponytail

Upgrade your basic pony by re-creating this shiny and sleek ponytail from Kim K herself. Even your pesky flyaways will stay put. If you’re exacting like us, use a hair straightener to get poker straight locks, then use a hair gel to keep that unruly hair in place. 

Brownish Nude Lips For Major 90s Vibe

As early as the eighth grade, Kim was already living that nude-lip lifestyle. This is a true-to-form Kim Kardashian take on Drew Barrymore’s makeup – bold brows and brownish-nude lipstick. Thanks to the star, the trend is making rounds once again in 2021. 

Wet Hair look To Turn Up The Heat

Whether platinum or raven-haired, Kim Kardashian proves she’s committed to the wet look. When she first started donning the hairdo, she kept it slicked-back and sleek. Now though, she’s more apt to wear it with a slightly messy and lived-in texture. 

Which one of these beauty trends is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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