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Kim K Swears By This Secret Ingredient For Her Hair & We All Have It In Our Kitchen!

Kim K Swears By This Secret Ingredient For Her Hair & We All Have It In Our Kitchen!

Kim Kardashian West has almost revolutionalised beauty singlehandedly. She and her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic are the ones who made contouring popular and now almost everyone is a pro at snatching their face. She, of course, goes in for the best of the best skincare treatments that most of us can only hope to afford in this lifetime but some of the products she uses are surprisingly affordable. 

Recently, Kourtney Kardashian revealed Kim’s secret to strong and healthy hair on her website and it’s actually a DIY trick that’s perfect for quarantine. It’s rice water! Kim said that this recipe is great for thick, shiny, and strong hair and has also made a noticeable difference in hair growth.

Rice water is actually a very common ingredient in Korean and Japanese skincare regimes. It can be used in multiple ways as a toner or cleanser for even skin tone and to promote a healthy glow. It can even be used for promoting hair growth by creating an extra layer of starch on your hair, increasing volume and thickness. It even strengthens hair and its high Vitamin B3 content helps prevent dullness.

When you’re making this at home, Kim Kardashian says that you should rinse the uncooked rice grains and then soak them in for about 20 mins. After shampooing your hair, massage the strained water into the scalp and let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing your hair.  


Benefits Of Rice Water For Your Hair

Rice water is sometimes used as an alternative to shampoo in Japan because it contains a carbohydrate called inositol which is responsible for improving the texture, shine, and elasticity of your hair. It balances the scalp’s pH level so if you have a dry, flaky, oily, or even an itchy scalp, try replacing your regular shampoo with rice water. Even if you don’t want to replace the shampoo, you can use it as the last rinse. 

It also helps in smoothening out frizzy hair and improving texture so if you feel that your hair is always unmanageable, give rice water a try to help detangle those tresses. This in-turn reduces breakage, damage and promotes hair growth in terms of both length and volume.



DIY Rice Water For Your Hair

What You Need:

1 cup rice
1 cup water

How To Make It:

Step 1: Rinse and strain your rice and remove any dirt and impurities from it.

Step 2: Mix the strained rice in a medium bowl with water until the mixture becomes cloudy.

Step 3: Put the rice water into a container and cover it. Let it sit at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours allowing it to ferment. 

Step 4: Massage the rice water into your scalp after you’re done shampooing, let it sit for 7-10 mins and then rinse off with water.

Step 5: Refrigerate the rest of the rice water until you’re ready to use it.

So, ready to have long and gorgeous hair?


15 Jul 2020

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