Pamper The Superwoman Of Your Life By Indulging In These Beauty Activities On Mother’s Day

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  May 7, 2021
Pamper The Superwoman Of Your Life By Indulging In These Beauty Activities On Mother’s Day


It’s true- our mothers are our favourite humans in the world and our most loving companions. While we believe that mothers should be celebrated every day, we’re lucky that we have one day just dedicated to her love and kindness. Yes, the current situation is less than ideal but that shouldn’t stop you from showing your momma how important she is.

So we suggest that you tailor your Sunday plans according to her and indulge in some beauty activities together. 

Beauty Activities To Do With Your Mom

Cancel all your virtual plans as this Sunday is reserved only for the mothers. Below, we’re suggesting to you, some beauty-related ideas that are so freaking fun!

PS: We know she ain’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

Give Each Other Manis

Doing your own nails is always fun but it can be even more exciting when you do it with your mommy dearest. Gather all your nail supplies as it’s DIY time.

Fancy French tips, metallic, cow print or even tie-dye nails; which one of these awesome nail styles are you planning to match with your mother? Make sure you post pictures on your Insta!

A Day Filled With Doing Skincare Related Activities

Our mothers have a very specific skincare routine and that probably doesn’t include any Korean products or even the facial acids that we swear by! We think it’s time to introduce your mom to magical skincare products such as serums, chemical peels, or our personal fave- sheet masks.

Start by doing applying a fun mud pack, then moving on to sheet masks and other serums. Trust us, it’s so much fun when it’s us teaching our mothers about the modern skincare practices and not the other way around!

Makeup Makeover


If you want to see the perfect example of a generation gap, then ask your mother about the makeup trends that were popular when she was in her 20s. Trust us, you’ll be surprised! Using lipsticks as blush, sporting super-thin brows, and applying compact are just some of the trends that were super popular in the ’80s.

For a fun activity together, ask her to do your makeup, 80s style while you give her a glamm-orous makeover adhering to the latest makeup trends. Neon lids, exaggerated eyeliner, and brushed-up brows; why stop the fun?

Hair For The Love

We’re sure you all remember the cute hairdos your mom did when you were in school. Side ponytail, french braids or just backcombing the hair and securing them with a headband. Dear mother, those old-school hairdos have now evolved and now we have beachy waves, stunning hair accessories, and whatnot!

Watch Something Beaty-ful Together

It’s time to bond with your momma over some movies and shows that have fabulous makeup looks that are too good to be true. From makeup reality shows to popular docuseries; the perfect weekend plans don’t exist…? Oh, they do!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers out there. You are the real MVPs.

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