Brushed Up Brows Are All The Rage RN & We're Showing You How To Get The Look

brushed up brows

Haven't you heard? There's a new beauty trend in town!

Gone are the days when just drawing multiple strokes on your brows to make them appear fuller was considered trendy as nowadays, it’s all about making a statement with denser brows. Yes, we are talking about brushed up brows. 

Brushed up brows are having a major moment in the beauty community RN and from influencers to MUAs, everyone's busy brushing it up. And if your go-to mantra involves having brows on fleek, then you should definitely give this beauty trend a try today.

How to Brush Up Those Brows?


As the name suggests, it involves brushing your brows in an upward position to make them look sparse and denser. And if you too want your brows to look hella good, then you need to try this trend today.

Get Your Products

The first step is to get your hands on the right brow products. The idea is to ensure that our brows stay brushed up throughout the day and not just for a few hours. So choose brow wax or brow soap instead of brow gel.

If you do not have any kind of brow wax, then you can totally use soap for a quick fix. It might not hold your brows like a brow wax would but will definitely give you the desired results.


Makeup Revolution Soap Styler

INR 522 AT Makeup Revolution

Wet It

Most of the brow wax products have a soapy consistency. So to 'activate' it, spray some water in it and swirl your spoolie brush in it to collect some product. Make sure that the consistency feels nice and waxy and not sturdy at all.


Brow Bro

INR 900 AT Indulgeo Essentials

Let's Brush Them Brows

The final step is to brush 'em up. Using the spoolie, start brushing up your brows in an upward direction. You'll notice that this technique will make your brows look thicker and instantly denser.

This runaway approved beauty trend is currently dominating all flashy fashion magazines and we totally get why!


The Original Soap Brows by West Barn Co

INR 1,306 AT West Barn Co

And if cannot step out of your house without using a brow product to fill them up, then use the LIT Brow Definer Pencil after you've brushed up. And we bet you'll be hearing people whispering #BrowGoals to you, all day long!


LIT Brow Definer Pencil

INR 495 AT MyGlamm

Bad brows? We don't know her!

Featured Image: Instagram