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Designs, Styles, Colours & More: Everything You Need To Know About Bridal Churas!

Designs, Styles, Colours & More: Everything You Need To Know About Bridal Churas!

Hey bride-to-be, it’s your special day and everything has to be perfect. From your wedding decor to the food to your entry and every other little detail. But most importantly, your bridal outfit needs to be on point. While you’ve spent days and months deciding the best look for your D-day, be it a Sabyasachi lehenga or that Chandini Chowk ensemble, you have probably missed this tiny detail that ties the whole look together. We’re talking about the bridal chura which will, of course, stand out on your special day. These days you don’t have to go with the traditional red chura and can choose from the amazing variety available in stores. They come in a million colours to match perfectly with your bridal avatar and you can even customise it if you want. So dear dulhan, don’t you worry cause we’ve got the A-Z of churas for you.

Significance Of Bridal Chura
Traditional Red Chura
Red Chura With Fun Twist
Personalised Chura Trend
Prices For Bridal Chura
Where To Buy

What Is The Significance of a Chura?

A chura is a set of ivory bangles that are traditionally red and white in colour. However, nowadays brides are replacing the red bangles with colours to match their lehenga. The chura ceremony especially happens in Punjabi weddings where the bride’s maternal uncle and aunt buy the set of churas for her to wear on her special day. She is supposed to wear these as a symbol of being a nayi naveli dulhan for the first year of her marriage. The chura is removed from the bride’s hands only on the couple’s first anniversary by her in-laws. Although in recent times most brides remove it within a month or as and when they prefer.

As the chura is made of fragile material, it refrains her from taking up household work and chores around the house. It’s traditionally supposed to be the honeymoon period for the couple and for the new bride to spend time with her hubby and get used to the new house. Post the forty days she becomes the in-charge of the house and takes over from her mother-in-law.

The bridal chura also symbolizes fertility and prosperity and is worn for the well being of the husband. It is also customary to not see the chura before the function as it brings bad luck or misfortune to the union. Some of these notions do sound very archaic and today women are breaking free from these patriarchal paths and taking the practical route instead.

Traditional Chura

As we’ve mentioned above, the traditional red chura is what most brides still opt for. Normally a chura set would consist of three or four dozen bangles, that’s about twenty-four bangles on each hand. These are actually supposed to be of two colours- red and white made with ivory and inlay work, however, plastic ones are more easily available now. If you’re wearing a red lehenga then they’ll go perfectly with your classic look, but even if you’re going for gold, green or a shade of white then these red churas will provide a great contrast to the whole look. Many celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Neha Dhupia, Kishwer Merchant stuck to the Punjabi customs and went for a traditional red chura. If you think it’ll be too uncomfortable to wear the full set, you can always go for a more minimalistic look by just wearing seven in each hand.


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Image Source: Instagram


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Churas To Go With Your Bridal Ensemble

The latest chura trend is to match the set of bangles with the bridal ensemble. So if your lehenga is pink you can choose the same hue for your churas. Some brides even go for a different colour palette to break the monotony of the look and that too looks glam. From blush pink and tones of wine to oranges and magentas, brides today aren’t afraid of breaking free from the norm and experimenting. Even complete contrast between chura and the lehenga is a trend you can consider.

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Magenta Agenda


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Fall In Love With Fuschia


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Shine Bright In White


Image Source: Instagram

Blush ‘em Baby Pink


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Win-Some And Wine-Some


Image Source: Instagram

Contrast It, Blast It


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A Fun Twist On The Traditional Churas

If you’re not convinced about trying out a different colour for your big day but don’t also want to walk down the traditional route, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. These days, instead of just wearing your churas as is, you can stack them with kadas and bangles. So a solid gold kada will not only go well with your bridal accessories but will also add a hint of glamour to your chura. Kundan kadas and bangles are also a very good option because they go well with the desi avatar and also glam up the entire look.


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Personalised Chura Designs

It’s YOUR day. You are celebrating your love for your partner and the fact that you get to be his forever. So why not have a dedication to that on your churas as well?! We’ve all heard of brides getting customized mehendi designs, but these churas are just the sweetest detail you need. You can get your own name written on the bangles or get both of yours, one on each hand. You can even get your wedding hashtag and use the chura set as a memento to remind you of the happiest day of your life forever. You can even your wedding date engraved on the bangles.


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Image Source: Instagram

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Where To Buy A Bridal Chura

Brides living in Delhi have a lot of options for shopping for bridal churas. Hustling and bustling markets like Lajpat Nagar, Chandini Chowk, Tilak Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, and Rajouri Garden which are famous for wedding shopping have many stores dedicated to bridal churas. You’ll find a wide variety of design options and colour ranges to choose from so decide on the trend you want to go for- traditional or modern. You’ll also find churas in jewellery shops selling bridal jewels.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you must choose your bridal chura only after you’ve picked out your outfit. That way you can pick the exact shade if you want to match it. Carry a leftover piece of the fabric of your D-day outfit when you’re going chura shopping so that the shade difference isn’t a problem. If you’re going for a customised set, make sure your photographer takes some really pretty pictures of your chura before and after the ceremony.

Price For Bridal Chura

Obviously, the more customisation you add to the chura, the more expensive it will become. But usually, the basic ones can start at around Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1500 and can go up to Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 6,000. These will have more sparkly crystals in it and may be made with a better quality of plastic. Some online stores like Arundhati Jewelry and Snapdeal also have a collection of churas but we would suggest that you go to a store and physically choose the one you want. After all, it’s a part of your wedding day outfit, everything has to be gorgeous!

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