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Can Hot Weather Kill Coronavirus? & Other COVID-19 Myths You Should Not Fall For

Can Hot Weather Kill Coronavirus? & Other COVID-19 Myths You Should Not Fall For

The Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a slew of fake WhatsApp messages, not-so genuine health advice and rumours being circulated across platforms. They say desperate times call for desperate measures and with the COVID-19 paranoia on the rise, people are ready to do anything and everything it takes to prevent contracting the fatal virus.

Case in point: Several viral WhatsApp, ‘It only kills the elderly, so younger people can relax’. According to medical experts, young people who do not have underlying health conditions may not become critically ill because of COVID-19. But there is still a higher chance the virus can lead to serious respiratory problems. Especially for young health workers who have higher exposure to the virus. It’s extremely important to stay informed at a crucial time like this. So here’s the truth about how you can contract the virus, who is most vulnerable and precautions you can take.

MYTH: COVID-19 Virus CANNOT Be Transmitted In Areas With Hot Temperatures

Fact: According to WHO, COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in all areas, including the ones with hot and humid weather. This is the reason why it has spread even in countries like Singapore and various humid parts of Europe. The WHO has, therefore, advised everyone to adopt protective measures including frequently cleaning your hands.

MYTH: Cold Weather & Snow Can Kill Coronavirus

Fact: Coronavirus cannot be killed in cold weather. According to WHO, the normal human body temperature remains around 36.5°C to 37°C, and therefore, both, internal or external temperature has no impact on whether a person will contract coronavirus or not. 


MYTH: Taking Hot Shower Will Prevent The Disease

Fact: Taking a hot bath will not prevent you from catching the virus. WHO, on the contrary, suggests that taking a bath with extremely hot water can be harmful for the skin. The best way to protect yourself is to continue using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, washing hands thoroughly and avoiding infection that could occur by touching your eyes, mouth, or nose.

MYTH: Coronavirus Can Be Transmitted Through Mosquito Bites

Fact: There has been no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 could be transmitted by mosquitoes. It primarily spreads through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes and then ends up touching a surface. It is therefore advised to refrain from touching any surface if required use germ-killing surface sprays to disinfect the area and keep your hands clean at all times.

MYTH: Garlic Can Prevent Catching Coronavirus

Fact: Lots of videos and messages have been doing the rounds all across social media about garlic having properties that can help you fight coronavirus. WHO, however, states that while garlic is “a healthy food that may have some antimicrobial properties”, there’s no evidence of it preventing contraction of the virus.

MYTH: Drinking Water Every 15 Minutes Will Flush Out The Virus

Fact: There is no biological mechanism that can support the idea of washing a respiratory virus down into your stomach and kill it. Why are we talking about this one? Well, a post on Facebook suggests that a Japanese doctor recommends drinking water every 15 minutes to flush out any virus from the body. Professor Trudie Lang at the University of Oxford, however, contradicts this and says that you can’t just wash down a virus and kill it. The virus enters your body through the respiratory tract and constantly drinking water would be of no help. However, you should drink more water to keep yourself hydrated at all times.


MYTH: Non-Vegetarians Are More Susceptible To The Virus

Fact: Consumption of non-vegetarian food or eggs does not make you more prone to contract the virus. According to Director, AIIMS, Delhi, Dr. Randeep Guleria, “Coronavirus is an infection that spreads mainly from person-to-person and consumption of non-vegetarian food or eggs does not cause the infection”. Also, as a common precaution, all kinds of meat should be thoroughly washed and properly cooked.

Let’s be well-informed and pass-on only the right information. There’s no good in spreading panic. We are in this together! #StayHomeStaySafe

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18 Mar 2020

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