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Ditch The Foundation: Other Products That’ll Give You The Much Desired Glow!

Ditch The Foundation: Other Products That’ll Give You The Much Desired Glow!

When it comes to choosing makeup products that can hide the fact that I was up all night, taking quizzes to find out what kind of garlic bread or pasta I am, my full coverage concealer and foundation combo never disappoints! But sometimes, I do not like the way my foundation feels on my skin, especially if the weather is hotter than Zayn Malik.

Summer beauty is all about that glow; dewy, seamless skin that looks stunning when it catches the sunlight. Yet most of us are mad about mattes which take away the purpose. So, if you’ve got glow on your mind, it’s time to ditch your go-to foundation and check out these base-ic makeup products that’ll give you the finish you always desired.


Alternatives To Foundation That You Can Try

We get it, nothing covers up the skin like foundation. But there are other products that can do the job just fine while giving you the gift of glowing skin:

Tinted Moisturizer

As the name suggests, a tinted moisturizer is a liquid-cream makeup product that not only moisturizes the skin but also leaves a tint of colour on your skin. It gives the skin a more natural finish as compared to a foundation. Just a thin layer of a tinted moisturizer with a hint of bright blush can change your look completely.


CC Creams

CC or colour correcting creams have become a rage in the Indian beauty world, thanks to how quickly they hide our blemishes. Its consistency is similar to that of a foundation but with a little less coverage and feels a whole lot lighter on our skin.

So, on the days you’re looking to swap your foundation with a stronger base, CC cream it is!


Skin Tint

A skin tint is a base product you can apply on your face when full coverage is not on your mind. Its watery consistency will provide you with a beautiful, natural finish and a natural glow that’ll look pretty. A perfect product to use and click selfies during the golden hour!


On days when you’re thinking about sporting a bare face, use only a concealer. If you wish to hide your dark circles or any kind of skin blemishes, use a full coverage concealer and gently dab it into your skin. If you wish to brighten your eyes, use a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your foundation and that’s it.


HD Powder

A setting powder is used after you’ve applied your concealer to set it perfectly and bake it. So, how can it replace your beloved foundation?

Try this hack and you might never reach for your foundation, ever again. After applying your moisturizer, apply a facial oil followed by an HD powder. It’ll give a beautiful natural finish to your skin.


We hope you can give your skin a break from the foundation and try these products instead! 

Featured Image: Instagram/YouTube

12 Aug 2020
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