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The Barbie Ponytail Is The Hottest Summer Hairstyling Fad

The Barbie Ponytail Is The Hottest Summer Hairstyling Fad

PSA: The Barbie ponytail is hogging the beauty spotlight once again. Ariana Grande’s a fan. Hailey Bieber’s been stanning it. J.Lo’s on board. And Kiara Advani’s given the style her stamp of approval, too.

Once seen on ’00s popstars, the iconic nostalgic hairdo got a modern makeover to work for us in 2022. So, we thanked the beauty gods when we saw this super sleek updo all over our IG and on our fave fashion girls. We’re not exaggerating when we say anyone, who is anyone, is slaying the ponytail RN. And there’re no boring ponytails here. Everyone’s put their own twist on the classic updo with different partings and accessories. The one thing that remains the same? It’s sleek and snatched AF. So, we’re officially crowning it ‘the hairstyle of 2022’. Feeling inspired? Here’s some serious #hairspo from all of our fave girl crushes.

What’s Exactly A Barbie Ponytail? 

Loved by the pop star Ariana Grande and inspired by the ultimate nostalgic beauty icon herself, the Barbie ponytail is a gravity-defying, high-pony with surly strands, often worn with a swoop of side bangs sweeping across the forehead. Distinguished by a signature flick at the end, the cute curved details add extra cuteness to the style, while the sleekly styled pony keeps it looking pulled together and smart.

Here Are 5 Of Our Fave Ways To Wear The Barbie Ponytails

The One By Ponytail Queen

Dress yourself up as a literal Barbie with a vintage ponytail. The style is easy to mimic, and it typically features a sleek, high ponytail with flipped ends and a bang that sweeps over either side of the face.

So Damn Cute

It is no surprise that Hailey Beiber is always working towards pushing the fashion horizon around the ‘90s. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to embrace the glamour of the ponytail. Scrunchies were such a defining trend of the ’90s and are perf to instantly add oomph to your overall look. 

Hella Gorgeous!

Take a leaf out of Jennifer’s book and go for the higher, the better when it comes to your ponytail styling. A gravity-defying ponytail looks glam-AF and is a surefire way to make heads turn. The volume and flipped ends in the back are what make this one really stand out. 

Keep It Short, Keep It Sweet

The high ponytail is taking over and we stan. What sets it apart from the older iterations? It’s the signature flick at the end that is an epitome of ‘90 hair styling and screams the ‘90s like none other. This hairstyle can be your go-to for club strolls or any upcoming parties.

Modern, Clean, & Sexy

We’re here for hair trends that look great and make our life easy. This one’s simple to do. Just section off any front framing tendrils you want to be left out of your pony, then gather the rest of the hair and foam it into a high ponytail. Next, use a straighter or a curling wand to flick curl the ends of the ponytail

You + A snatched pony = A match made in beauty heaven!

Featured Image: Instagram

05 May 2022

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