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The Brahmāstra Trailer Just Gave Us Goosebumps & Here Are 7 Things We Loved About It

The Brahmāstra Trailer Just Gave Us Goosebumps & Here Are 7 Things We Loved About It

NGL, it has been forever since we watched the kind of movie trailers that get you impatiently waiting for a film. If you feel the same way, we have something that will get you hella excited. After months of delays, the Brahmāstra trailer finally dropped and it has turned out to be every bit worth the wait.

Karan Johar took to Instagram earlier today to share the trailer and captioned it, “I am so proud to finally present the trailer and introduce you to the magic of the Brahmāstra! This is a true labour of love and I am so proud to finally let a piece of it breathe and enter the world!”

The trailer looks very promising and we look forward to the film’s release on September 9th. Here are seven things that we look forward to:

A Superhero Is Born

Yes, India has tried creating superheroes before but there always has been a disconnect. With Brahmāstra, we think the Indian film industry will finally be able to bridge that gap. Ranbir Kapoor plays the central character Shiva and can be seen sharing that he is connected to fire. “I have a strange connection with the fire. It does not burn me,” he says. The trailer then gives us a sneak peek of his journey as Shiva discovers that something strange is going on with the world where exist “ancient weapons of light.” The ultimate goosebump-raising moment is when it is revealed that Shiva is an astra (weapon) himself— The Agni Astra!


Credits to the team behind the film’s background music because they have done a fabulous job. The BGM hits the right spot and adds to the larger-than-life appeal of Brahmāstra.

#RaLia’s Crackling Chemistry

This is Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s first film together where they will be seen romancing each other and their chemistry looks intense. The two look wonderful together and this is going to be the USP of this film!

Mouni Roy As The Antagonist

Earlier this week, director Ayan Mukherji shared about Mouni Roy’s character in the film and wrote, “A lot of people, I think, are going to walk out of Brahmāstra, talking about Mouni’s Performance as Junoon. Mouni- who has deep belief and deep surrender for Lord Shiva – has always understood Brahmāstra very naturally – and with that understanding, she really killed it with her part in our movie! My first meeting with her, I offered her a ‘special appearance’ in Brahmāstra. Eventually, she shot with us from our first day to our last schedule, and is really, the surprise package in the film!” Well, we second that and already feel compelled to talk about how impressive she looks in the trailer. We have long been excited about Mouni’s character in the film and she has not disappointed. She has a powerful screen presence and looks like an intimidating villain.

The Grandeur

Brahmāstra is a film made for the big screen. The VFX is good and for a film that draws from Indian mythology, the visuals add just the kind of grandeur that the Indian audience associates it with.

A Pan-Indian Bollywood Film At Last

If you have ever asked why can’t Bollywood make something like Baahubali or a film that appeals to the Pan-Indian audience, we think Brahmāstra is going to be the answer. The presence of both Amitabh Bachchan and Nagarjuna helps. If it clicks, prepare to welcome a new era in Indian cinema.

The Beginning Of Astraverse

This is being promoted as “Part 1” of the film which means there is more to come. If the film comes even close to the trailer’s grandeur, we are certain that this would be the beginning of the Indian film industry’s very own version of the Marvel universe, something that was long overdue!

Well, can’t it be September 9th already?

Featured Image: Twitter

15 Jun 2022

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