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Good Skin Life: This Super Serum Is Coming With Me To 2018!

Good Skin Life: This Super Serum Is Coming With Me To 2018!

While serums have been around for a few years, I started using serums this year. Honestly, I can no longer remember what my skincare routine felt like before their arrival. I guard my skincare routine with my life and changing it takes a lot out of me (yes, it may or may not depend on extra 2 minutes of sleep that changes my life in the morning).

Avon Anew Essential Serum Reviews, Uses And Benefits

So, you know those ads that tell you ‘early’ signs of ageing begin in your twenties? They may have some truth to it. Usually, though I turn a deaf ear to those things, moving to the other side of 25 had me in a state of panic. I was walking around in a mall and I saw an Avon pop-up shop with their new Anew Essential range on display. What attracted me towards the Anew Essential Super Serum first was the packaging.

super serum 2

The Packaging

The outer box is a beautiful metallic rose gold,(all you iPhone fanatics put your hands up!) with gold detailing. The tube is transparent plastic with a metallic rose gold cylinder inside. This combination turned me into Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory (yes, I’m old).

What It Claims

They claim to give visible results ONLY after three days. That’s right, your skin is supposed to look and have a nice glow, with visibly reduced signs of ageing and pigmentation. After one week it should smoothen the appearance of fine lines. Regular usage promises to minimise wrinkles, lighten marks and firm up your skin too.

The Product

The serum is fairly light on texture but has a surprisingly runny formula. It spreads easily and evenly on the skin leaving a sticky residue for about 20 seconds before it turns completely matte. By the way, this would totally work as a primer in a pinch.

How I Used It

I started using this earlier in the year and I swear I don’t think I have done without it since. About the daily claim, not so sure, but it DEFINITELY showed visible effects on my skin within the month. I felt my skin becoming tauter and felt the softness. I repurchased this product once but only about a month ago. One pump takes care of the entire face but I take two to apply it, both to the face and neck. I use this mostly at night in between my CTM routine, just before applying a moisturiser.

super serum 1

The Final Word

While I don’t have any fine lines or wrinkles, I think this buy will delay the onset of the signs of ageing. Fine lines or not, I am absolutely certain of the hydration this serum gives your skin (with a matte finish), and that makes it a good addition to my routine!

Price & Whereabouts

This serum is available at any Avon pop-ups or their representatives, you can go to their official website to find out more. It is priced at Rs 2,000 for 30 ml and is available on Nykaa.

24 Nov 2017

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