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Why At-Home Hair Spas Are Spa-mming The Internet RN

Why At-Home Hair Spas Are Spa-mming The Internet RN

Okay, but, really—what’s the deal with hair-spas? And, no, we’re not talking about the ones you schedule an appointment for at the salon. We’re talking about at-home spas that seem to have piqued everyone’s interest on the internet. 

I almost misunderstood spas and masks as synonymous, but I realised that a spa is more extensive in the way that it employs oilingmassaging, and a hair-spa product into the routine. It nourishes, hydrates, and replenishes the moisture of your damaged, dry, and dull hair, and cleanses the scalp thoroughly—yeah, your shampoo-conditioner routine cannot quite do all of this. Let’s dive in. 

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Spas

Oil + Massage = Heaven

Choose an oil of your choice—coconut, almond, and olive are moisture-laden formulas—and massage a few drops into your scalp as well as your hair. The oil nourishes your hair, and the act of massaging the scalp stimulates improved circulation, soothes the nerves, and promotes the growth of hair. And it’s so relaxing. Especially if someone’s doing it for you.

Steaming = Better Absorption

The next step involves steaming your hair to open up the cuticles, and enable better penetration of the oils into the scalp. If you don’t want to steam your hair, you can try dipping a towel into a bucket of hot water, wringing the excess water out, and wrapping it around your head for about 20 minutes.

Shampoo = Cleansing

It’s time to wash the oil out of your hair with a shampoo. Make sure you’re not turning up the temperature of the water too much as this can suck the moisture right out of your hair and defeat the purpose of oiling and steaming. Pick a mild shampoo that doesn’t contain ingredients like sulfates, parabens, silicones, and mineral oils.

Lather On A Spa Treatment

Reach out for your go-to spa treatment, and coat your hair in dollops of the product. Let it sit on your hair for about 20 to 30 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

Yeah. This one’s a full-on routine, but is it not worth the luscious locks you’ll end up with right after? We think yes!

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25 Apr 2022

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