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How To Inhale Your Way To Glowing Skin With Aromatherapy

How To Inhale Your Way To Glowing Skin With Aromatherapy

I am no stranger to turning on my aroma lamp and allowing the smell of lavender to fill up my room to experience my ‘zen’ moment. However, the practice of Aromatherapy is so much more than that. It is a holistic healing science that uses essential oils derived from natural plant extracts to improve the health of the body, mind, and soul. Let’s unpack the benefits of aromatherapy and the different ways it can be incorporated into your skincare routine to achieve the healthiest skin possible.

Beauty Benefits Of Aromatherapy


It Boosts Our Moods

Our sense of smell is directly linked to our mood because it is the only one of our senses that can be perceived by us subconsciously. Our subconscious is also home to our emotions. It is established that the smell of rosemary improves concentration, lavender soothes you and lemon is stimulating. Hence, triggering the right emotions using the right essential oil is key to a healthier mind and hence a healthier body.

When Used Topically, It Soothes And Heals

When essential oils come in direct contact with the skin, it is rapidly absorbed and penetrated into the skin, while simultaneously targeting specific conditions and overall skin health. These oils are useful in toning, soothing, purifying, balancing and anti-ageing. They can also help in regulating the nervous system, heartbeat, breathing and blood pressure, which is why we see them most often in spas and massage parlours.

100% Natural & Preservative Free

Essential oils are both antiseptic and antimicrobial, which means that they are preserving and do not require added preservatives and parabens. They also carry an incredibly high amount of vital antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E. Each vitamin itself caters to the needs of the body and hence skin in different ways, controlling free radical damage, reducing age spots, wrinkles, and inflammation among many others.

Now that we’ve established that aromatherapy is good for us, let’s review the different ways we can include it in our day-to-day.

How To Include Aromatherapy Into Your Daily Routine

Add a few drops of your chosen oil into a steamer and inhale your way to better health for 5-7 minutes a day. You can also drop these same drops into your bath and soak in them. Give yourself a facial massage by adding a few drops into your daily moisturiser, or use any product that already comes infused with essential oils. Light a candle or an aroma lamp.

We have picked out our favourite products that make us glow from within and take us from stress to spa.

Inhale your way to holistic healing and a healthier body, mind and soul!

Featured Image: Pexels

12 May 2022

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