Ariana Grande Is All Set To Drop Her New Makeup Line & We Can’t Keep Calm!

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 1, 2021
Ariana Grande Is All Set To Drop Her New Makeup Line & We Can’t Keep Calm!


The grammy-winning singer Ariana Grande is the latest celebrity to dive into the beauty verse with her very own brand r.e.m beauty. Following suit of the likes of Rihanna and Selena Gomez, Grande is all set to make her mark in the beauty industry through her new makeup brand. Here’s all we know about this coveted launch and what we can expect from it.

Ariana Grande’s New Makeup Brand Launch: r.e.m beauty

Ariana Grande’s Makeup Brand Launch

Ariana has reportedly been working on creating this brand for two years and she kept it hush-hush as she toured. Now finally announcing that she will be introducing her makeup brand in curated drops, the first launch is believed to be solely focused on eye makeup. Known for her retro aesthetic mainly derived from the 50s and 60s style era, the singer’s eye makeup often features classy cat-eye looks and other vintage trends like the cut-crease eyeshadow look. True to her style aesthetic, the new launch focused on the eyes is set to feature a variety of eyeliner markers, liquid matte eyeshadows, glitter eyeshadow toppers, and mascara. Her recent Instagram posts pertaining to the launch also gives us cue that the collections will have a touch of whimsy to them, seeing that the imagery is quite futuristic.

r.e.m beauty Collections To Follow

The future launches from r.e.m beauty right after the eye collection will continue to reflect Ariana’s personal style aesthetic. They are expected to include long-lasting lip glosses which may have lip-plumping agents due to its tingly nature, buttery lipsticks, a range of highlighters and false eyelashes. 

The Vegan & Cruelty-Free Status Of r.e.m beauty

The popstar is vegan, she announced her veganism in 2013 and so it only makes sense that her beauty line reflects her ideals. Undoubtedly, the star is extending her animal-loving beliefs to her business ventures as well, making her makeup brand vegan and cruelty-free. 

Grande’s On-Going Affair With Beauty

The celebrity is no stranger to the beauty verse as she already has a number of signature fragrances inspired by her albums, songs, and interests, including a scent called R.E.M which is a science-fiction inspired fragrance presented in a clear and iridescent crystal-covered bottle that looks like a cluster of natural quartz. We wonder if her new makeup brand r.e.m beauty will feature this stellar crystal inspired packaging. 

On that note, products that feature iridescence are truly a treat to try on. If you want to get on the futuristic trend, we recommend:

All this info has got us excited, and we can’t wait for the products to drop.

Featured Image: Instagram