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Are You Confusing Your Deodorant For An Antiperspirant?

Are You Confusing Your Deodorant For An Antiperspirant?

Yes—they’re both underarm-care products. No—they’re not synonymous, interchangeable, or equivalents. They’re very different from one another, and that’s because they work in very different ways. Once you know what sets them apart, you can invest in a product that suits you the most.

What’s The Difference Between Deodorants And Antiperspirants?


What’s A Deodorant?

A deodorant is a product that masks the odor of your underarms with fragrance. It can function in two ways: it can minimise the number of odour-causing bacteria in your underarms, or camouflage the odour with scents and fragrances. Remember that a deodorant doesn’t reduce the amount of sweat produced in your underarms. Most of them contain anti-bacterials, and are alcohol-based, and turn your skin acidic on application. This makes your skin not-so-attractive to bacteria. You can look for formulas that are alcohol-free if your skin is sensitive. Most deodorants must be reapplied every 24 to 48 hours; but you can reapply as needed.

What’s An Antiperspirant?

Your armpits contain a higher number of sweat-glands than other places in your body. An antiperspirant works by reducing the amount of sweat produced in your underarms. It does this by blocking your body’s sweat-making glands (eccrine glands)—hence preventing odour from escaping. And this is possible thanks to the product’s composition of aluminium-based compounds that form a seal over the surface of your skin. Keep in mind that this is temporary, and once you wash your skin, the formula will wear off—and so will its effect. They work best when you apply them before you start sweating. Most antiperspirants provide 12-48 hours of protection.

Fun Fact: It’s Not Your Sweat That Produces Odour

No. Your sweat doesn’t even have much of an odour. It’s the bacteria breaking down the sweat on your skin that triggers the odour. It’s this byproduct of your sweat that’s responsible for odour.

Which One’s Best For You?

A deodorant will conceal odour without controlling wetness and sweat. This one’s ideal for someone who doesn’t sweat excessively, and likes smelling pleasant. If you sweat a lot, and are looking for a product that eliminates or reduces sweat and moisture, an antiperspirant is it for you. There are a couple of products that infuse the benefits of both in one formula too. A deodorant with aluminium is, basically, an antiperspirant.

How Do You Use Them?

If you’re using an antiperspirant, make sure you’re cleansing your underarms during your night-time shower, and drying your skin thoroughly before layering the formula on to block your sweat-ducts overnight. As for deodorants, you can apply them on them on clean, dry underarms in the morning. And if you choose to use both the products, start off with the antiperspirant in the night to activate the formula, and go on to applying the deodorant in the morning.

And that’s how simple it is!

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24 May 2022

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