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The Only Guide You Need To Pick Your Signature Scent 

The Only Guide You Need To Pick Your Signature Scent 

One of the biggest trends of 2023, that will spill into 2024 with an unmatched fervour is the rise of personalised fragrances. Perfumes are not just about smelling good anymore – a signature scent evokes memories, personality traits, and style. The way you smell defines, who you are. This is why the obsession around finding that unique fragrance that screams ‘you‘ has taken over the beauty world.

If you’re late on this bandwagon and need to find a scent that matches your aesthetic, don’t sweat it! We’ve curated a list of the most popular core aesthetics of the year and scents that go with them. Your signature scent is out there, just waiting to be discovered.

Quiet Luxury/Stealth Wealth

When you think of quiet luxury, names like Sophia Richie, Princess Di, and shows like Succession pop up. Quiet luxury is all about the ability to be understated yet elegant. Think sleek, logo-less, quality, expensive clothing that blends in yet stands out. And the fragrance to match? Subtle, sophisticated, with hints of luxury.

The Burberry My Burberry Eau De Parfum has high quality ingredients with well-balanced components for a scent that does not overpower. The Burberry My Burberry Eau De Parfum is a sweet, floral scent with top notes of bergamot and sweet pea-like a garden after the rain. It leaves a trail behind, which is the only thing you need to identify as old money.


The Furla Irresistible Eau De Parfum combines elegance and sophistication in a scent. With top notes of orange blossom, freesia, and lily, it opens with a fresh, floral aroma. The heart notes reveal violet, and white camelia, weaving a captivating bouquet that’s perfect for the ever-graceful woman with style.


Another trend that was inescapable this year was Barbiecore. Think pink, girly, and plastic-fantastic. Inspired by Margot Robbie’s Barbie and Valentino’s hot pink collection, the matching scent for this core aesthetic should be playful, bold, and unapologetically fun.

The Moschino Pink Fresh Couture Eau De Toilette is a good pick since it has a fun, yet slightly distinctive smell. Infused with the playful notes of lily of the valley, pink grapefruit, and black currant – it also has pomegranate, and pink hyacinth that weave a tapestry of floral and fruity notes, embodying the lively spirit of the Barbie aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a more affordable choice, the Colour Me Femme Purple Eau De Parfum is a fruity chypre perfume that offers top notes of watery and floral scents, leading to a heart of rose, jasmine, and fruity aromas. The base notes of woody and vanilla create a lasting, inviting fragrance that captivates.



If you like to channel your inner ballerina with soft colours, tulle, and bows, you need a fragrance that’s delicate and graceful, with a hint of whimsical.

A scent that evokes this girlish, feminine aroma is the Full Rose Eau De Parfum from The Body Shop. This is an evolving scent and changes as you go through the day; inspired by roses, the unisex scent blends notes of the entire flower from the petals to the stems.

Infused with the beautiful scent of magnolia, the Marks & Spencer 3-In-1 Magnolia Spray is a refreshing floral classic. It’s gentle enough to match the delicacy of your looks, yet lasts with an unmatched vigour – making it a delightful addition to your daily routine.

Succubus Chic

If you like to embrace the Morticia Addams, young Rekha vibe with a dark, mysterious look that’s a mix of dark outfits and heavily kohl eyes, your accompanying scent should be bold and sensual, with an edge of mystery.


The Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense Eau De Parfum is an intricate scent for the feminine goth, With daffodil, jasmine, roasted almonds, and a warm sandalwood base it makes for a warm scent that stays on throughout the day.

Another great pick is the United Colors Of Benetton Together For Her Eau De Toilette opens with a burst of bergamot, blackcurrant, and peach, mimicking the freshness of a first kiss. Infused further with cedarwood, vanilla, and a touch of praline – this fragrance is more than a scent; it’s a celebration of strong femininity.

Fairy/Mermaid Core

For those who love a touch of magic and fairytales, think shimmer, pastel colors, and ethereal vibes. You have a couple of tulle skirts, enjoy wearing fabrics that are soft and flowing, and love to incorporate delicate embellishments like floral patterns, ribbons, and bows – your ideal fragrance should be light and fruity.

With hints of bergamot and mandarin that give a lemony fragrance, the Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush Eau De Parfum Roller Ball also has notes of rose oil and tonka bean that add an unexpected floral scent.


The Engage L’amante Sunkissed Eau De Parfum for Women is a symphony of sensuality and confidence. It opens with zesty tangerine and sweet apricot and reveals an intoxicating duo of tiger orchid and tuberose, adding a layer of lush sweetness; perfect for those who want to feel ethereally sexy.

I hope this little list helped, if not with a perfume recommendation, at least with an idea of what kind of scents go with which aesthetic. There’s a fragrance out there that’s uniquely ‘you‘ so go ahead and invest in your signature scent to make a statement without saying a word.

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19 Dec 2023

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