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7 Questions About Sex We’re Too Embarrassed To Ask – Answered!!

7 Questions About Sex We’re Too Embarrassed To Ask – Answered!!

Have questions about your sex life that you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone?! Well, don’t worry. We have some of your most embarrassing and common sex questions answered right here!

1. “I sometimes feel like I’m about to pee while having sex. Is that possible?!”

Not really! It is possible to sometimes leak a bit of fluid if your bladder is extremely full, but this is more likely to happen when you have an orgasm, in the form of female ejaculation. So while you might often feel the urge to pee while having sex, that’s actually a good thing. It means that your G-spot is being hit in the right way and you’re more likely to orgasm soon!

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2. “I have a hard time getting wet during sex. Is there something wrong with me?”

There could be many issues that are preventing you from getting naturally wet down there during sexual intercourse. Is there something worrying or stressing you out? Anxiety is one of the big reasons you may not be as lubricated down there, even though you do feel aroused. Alternatively, if you’re going through a hard time emotionally that could be preventing you from getting aroused too. Perfumed soaps, using vaginal sprays or soaps and tight fitting clothing can all aggravate dryness. Don’t worry about it, it’s normal and happens to a lot of women – just invest in a good quality water-based lubricant – and you’re sorted!

3. “Is there such a thing as getting too wet during intercourse?! How wet is normal?”

Vaginal wetness during intercourse varies from woman to woman. There is no one level of wetness that can really be defined as normal! If you do notice a sudden increase in your level of wetness, one of the reasons could be if you’ve recently started or stopped taking birth control pills. This could cause hormonal fluctuation leading to the increased lubrication. Your menstrual cycle largely affects your level of lubrication too. Many women produce more fluid while they’re ovulating. But chances are, you’re becoming so wet because you’re super aroused! And that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Lubrication is essential for enjoyable sex. It eases penetration, allowing you the chance to have a mind-blowing orgasm!

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4. “My vagina makes funny fart like sounds during and after sex! It’s so embarrassing. What should I do?”

You have nothing to be embarrassed or worried about! This fart like sound (also referred to as a “queef”) is simply air trapped in your vagina trying to escape. It is absolutely normal. The in and out thrusting motion of your guy’s penis during sex causes air to enter your vagina, filling the inner part of your vagina that expands during sex with air. It escapes, making that sounds if there is a definitive change in position or when you orgasm!

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5. “My guy has trouble finishing very often. Am I doing something wrong?!”

Often men are not able to climax because there is a lot on their minds. You’re not doing anything wrong! But if he is having a hard time finishing, talk to him about what may be going wrong. Is there just a lot on his mind or is he self-conscious in bed? These could be some of the reasons he finds it hard. If you’re particularly concerned, try having a chat about what you could as a couple be doing differently in bed! If the problem persists, consider speaking to a medical practitioner.

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6. “I am not able to have an orgasm during sex. Is there something wrong with me?”

No, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, many women are unable to have an orgasm during sex. There could be many things preventing you from having that orgasm. But one of the main reasons could be that you’re ignoring your clitoris. Clitoral stimulation during sex really ups your chances of having an orgasm. The clitoris is packed with sensitive nerve endings that on being stimulated in the correct manner can help you orgasm. Many women tend to ignore this sensitive area and go straight for intercourse, which does not always guarantee enough clitoral stimulation. This leads to them not being able to have orgasm at all. So ladies, try paying attention to the clitoris next time!

7. “Is it possible to get pregnant with oral sex?!”

No! It is not possible for you to get pregnant with just oral sex. In order to get pregnant the sperm needs to enter through the vagina and eventually implant itself in the uterus. The sperm has to enter your body through the vagina and nowhere else in order for you to get pregnant! Therefore oral sex cannot get you pregnant. (But you can catch an infection during oral sex, so please be safe!)

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05 May 2016

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