OOPS! 10 Things We Say That Drive Our Guys Up The Wall!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
OOPS! 10 Things We Say That Drive Our Guys Up The Wall!


There are certain things most of us women say to our men! Little things to show our annoyance, indifference or bad mood – which often end up annoying or really upsetting our guys! They may not always show their annoyance or frustration at us saying these things, but trust us, ladies, they are feeling it! Read this, and rephrase! (It’ll be worth it!)

1. “I’m FINE.”

Because when they ask if you’re okay, and the answer is as crisp as “I’m fine”, it’s usually the opposite! We mostly won’t admit it right away – but you know, and they know, that it will come out eventually. Oh, the wait!

annoying things women say

2. “You really need to calm down!”

Especially in the middle of a fight or argument! But we just want you to calm down, relax , take a deep breathe. OOPS!

3. “Do what you want.”

This is confusing to most men. “Does she really mean it? Or am I supposed to absolutely refrain from doing what I want?” Well, sometimes we really do mean it!! And sometimes we don’t. 😛

annoying things women say

4. “Ahaan, like I care!”

You may have had a tiff or are super annoyed, but he still wants you to care! And he pretty much hates that you won’t admit that you care. Even a little bit.

5. “Whatever.”

“What does that even mean?! I don’t know, someone help me!” That’s what he’s thinking when you drop the “Whatever” bomb.

annoying things women say

6. “You’re such a rash driver!”

You may not approve of the way he drives, and it’s usually good to tell people when they are wrong, but telling a man he’s a bad driver is a major blow to his ego! Spare his feelings, and save yourself a fight. Try and put this one as gently as possible – and when he’s not driving!

7. “All guys are just the same.”

“Then why are you with me? You could just pick anyone really.” Yup ladies, this annoys him! Imagine if he said “All girls are just the same!”

annoying things women say

8. “Are you seriously going to step out wearing that?”

If he’s not judging your clothing choices, you should leave him be too! It’s a matter of personal choice and you would probably be more than slightly offended if he said that to you!

9. “Why are you friends with that girl? She is so weird. Stay away from her.”

You don’t like her, and that’s fine. But she’s his friend! You don’t have to be friends with her if you don’t like. But unless she’s damaging your relationship with him, you shouldn’t have an issue with him being friends with her.

annoying things women say

10. “Thanks for not calling/ texting this morning.”

Passive-aggressiveness is not good! Come on now. He called eventually! Don’t give him flak for not calling you as soon as he opened his eyes!

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