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Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets That Every Skincare Lover Should Try At Least Once

Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets That Every Skincare Lover Should Try At Least Once

The practice of beautifying your skin and hair dates back to ancient civilizations and those very beauty practises have paved the way for modern-day beauty trends. Just like Ayurveda, which originated in India and has been a part of Indian culture for centuries, ancient Egypt holds beauty lessons that we can turn to for some simple at-home personal care as well. Using raw ingredients that offer numerous beauty benefits, these ancient Egyptian beauty secrets were what was used to pamper queens and pharaohs of the time. From luxurious milk baths to detoxifying salts from the dead sea, we reveal the best ancient beauty secrets from Egypt that you can add to your beauty routine.

5 Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets To Add To Your Beauty Routine


Oil Therapy

Ancient Egyptian royals made sure their skin was healthy and glowing and smooth to touch. They used oils like castor, sesame, and moringa to beautify their skin and preserve their youthful appearance. These oils were used in order to combat signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines from head to toe. Their beauty rituals included oil massages to tone and treat their skin and hair. You can create your own blend of all three of these oils and massage your skin with it an hour before a shower to get in on this ancient beauty trend.

Milk Baths

Queen Cleopatra was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in history. She swore by the benefits of milk baths for soft, supple, and radiant skin. Milk from donkeys which is thicker in consistency was used for her bathing ritual and was infused with turmeric for extra skin healing and brightening benefits. To recreate a royal milk bath like Cleopatra, you can add goat milk as an alternative to your bath water and soak in it. Adding essential oils and turmeric to this bath will further enhance its beautifying powers.

Dead Sea Treasures

Rich in minerals and salt derived from the dead sea was used in royal bathing rituals as well. Exfoliating with dead sea salts would aid in removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin so that it unclogs pores and prevents blemishes from occurring. Creating a scrub of dead sea salt is good DIY to try at home; simply mix a few spoons of the salt with a carrier oil like almond or castor oil and use it as a body scrub. You even get dead sea salt infused scrubs and face packs online.

Honey Healing

One of the most popular beauty ingredients used in ancient Egypt was honey or better known as royal jelly at the time. Ancient Egyptians used honey to moisturise their skin by mixing it with milk to create a face pack. This face pack also served as a glow-boosting treatment for their skin.

Soap Soiree

The focus on hygiene in Egypt was of utmost importance and so they would use soap pastes made from natural clays and olive oil to cleanse their skin. These natural soaps would cleanse their skin and hair and also offer nourishment and healing properties. You can find natural soap bars that offer similar beautifying benefits online and add them to your beauty routine to follow the Egyptian way of personal care.

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Now that you’re privy to the beauty secrets of the ancient Egyptians, try them out to boost your beauty game this season.

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29 Nov 2021

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