Ananya Panday Reveals The Best Love Advice BFF Shanaya Kapoor Gave Her & It’s Hilarious AF!

Lubna KhanLubna Khan  |  Jul 27, 2021
Shanaya Kapoor and Ananya Panday love advice

We all have that one friend who we turn to for relationship advice, right? They are the ones who give it to you straight- whether you are looking for their opinion or need a major reality check. For Ananya Panday, her go-to person is Shanaya Kapoor. No surprise there! Both star kids have been besties since childhood, and know everything about each other. Ananya revealed that she reaches out to Shanaya when she needs advice on relationships. However, it’s what she said next that has left us in splits!

In a recent interview, Ananya jokingly called Shanaya a ‘bad person’. However, she said that she can’t help but go to Shanaya when looking for love advice. “She is a very bad person but I still go to her. I don’t know why,” said Ananya. Revealing Shanaya’s advice to her, Ananya said, “The best love advice she gave me was to chill and stop acting crazy. But I need to still follow through with that.” LOL!

Shanaya and Ananya Panday

Their girl squad also includes Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan, and the trio have grown up together. Speaking about their bond, Ananya said, “For me, mujhe nahi lagta ki meri family sirf chaar logon ki hai. I feel like I have a very big family because I have grown up around Suhana and Shanaya, and we have so many memories together. Even when Shanaya’s mom (Maheep Kapoor) was pregnant with her, I used to lie on her mum’s stomach, so I feel like Shanaya and I have a connection even before she was born.”

Ananya Panday, Shanaya Kapoor, Suhana Khan

Suhana, Ananya and Shanaya refer to themselves as ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and are often shelling out major #FriendshipGoals. While Ananya has been a part of several Bollywood films, Shanaya recently forayed into Bollywood and will be making her debut with Dharma Productions. The trio has become social media sensation already, and we would really love to see them on the big screen together one day!    

Featured Image: Shanaya Kapoor on Instagram