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An Easy 5-Step At-Home Skincare Routine For Healthy, Glowing Skin

An Easy 5-Step At-Home Skincare Routine For Healthy, Glowing Skin

As a child, I would detest the moments when my mother would lather sticky sunscreen all over my face and arms. As an adult now, I ask my boyfriend if his body lotion has SPF in it. Evidently, my view towards skincare has evolved with time, but so has the science in skincare. It’s 2021 and not only do we have non-sticky, matte textured sunscreens (thank heavens), but scientific discoveries reveal that we need to wear sunscreen while staying inside the house as well – that, and a couple more indoor skincare steps one should not sleep on. 

At-Home Skincare Routine: We’re Spilling The Beans

If you’re one of the many people who had their skin acting bizarre during the lockdown, like experiencing a sudden acne breakout, prolonged dullness, or even uneven texture, there are chances that you might be doing your indoor skincare wrong (keep in mind that acne can also be caused due to stress, hormones, medical or a health issue). 

Contrary to what one might believe, skincare is certainly important even while you’re staying indoors. Whether you’re taking a long weekend Netflix-bingeing, or are quarantined, follow these skincare steps and don’t miss a beat when it comes to healthy, glowy skin!

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Slap That Sunscreen On


Okay, maybe don’t actually get violent. 

While it took two decades to convince the population how crucial sunscreen is for your day out, do not let us take another decade to realize that it is equally important indoors. Sister Science does not speak without receipts, but you knew that. While we need protection outside of our homes, we need it inside our homes as well. The glass used in our home windows and car windows might be protecting you from the UVB rays at max (that too, not all glass), but still lets UVA rays pass through. UVA rays are harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause premature signs of ageing, sun spots, pigmentation, or even cancer. If you plan on avoiding the same in the near future, do not skip sunscreen even while indoors.

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Double Up On The Protection

Protection from the sun – check.

Protection from pollutants – not required when at home.

Then what the frick are we talking about? Blue light, amigos. All our electronic device screens like laptops, computers, mobile phones, or TVs emit blue light, the continuous exposure to which can cause pigmentation, dullness, pore shrinkage, or even inflammation. You can protect your skin from blue light emission by using blue light protective sunscreens. So if you thought that you might only need sunscreen indoors during the day, you might want to rethink your Instagram scrolling habits before bed. 

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Don’t Laze Out On Your Cleansing Schedule


We get it, staying indoors can make us feel lazy, bored, or even lethargic. And while you’re getting your full 8 hours by sleeping at 2 a.m. and waking up at 10 a.m., just in time for a voice meeting, take five, and jump on your sink to do your morning skincare routine, starting with cleansing. 

Now you haven’t gone out all day, or put on even the least of makeup. Neither have you worked out. Do you still need to wash your face? YES! Our advice would be to use an extremely mild and gentle cleanser, but do not skip this process. Outdoors or indoors, our bodies still secrete sebum through the pores, which when not cleaned properly can cause breakouts or uneven texture. Moreover, you need to take the sunscreen off that we talked about, remember?

Don’t Break The Rules

Out of painful experience, let me advise you to not break the rules with your morning and nighttime skincare routine. The AHAs and BHAs that are strictly recommended to be used in the nighttime, should stay in the PM half of the day. 

Make The Most Of This Time


When you’re indoors, you naturally apply less makeup, or at least at a lesser rate. Utilize this time to indulge in skincare that your skin did not have the time for before. Splurge on sleeping masks, facial massages, and all of the shiz you were too busy for before. Let this be a spa for your skin. We promise you, your skin will love you right back!

Try including these tips in your indoor skincare routine and watch your skin get glowing and healthier.

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Featured Image: Pexels

23 Jul 2021

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