Just Like Katrina: Amazing Exercises & Diet Tips To Get Rock Solid Abs

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Jul 18, 2019
Just Like Katrina: Amazing Exercises & Diet Tips To Get Rock Solid Abs


Some women are blessed with a flat stomach and some have to work hard for it. In this case, I fall under the latter category. For me, losing weight in my tummy area is something that I struggle with every day at the gym. However, I know it won’t go away with just exercising. I need to cut off from eating junk food and focus only on healthy portions like vegetables, fruits and white meat. Plus, my posture plays a big role here too. If I walk with a hunch and slouch while sitting, I’m bound to develop a paunch. To get rid of that, I first need to work on my core.

Benefits Of A Stronger Core

If your core isn’t strong enough, you could feel sluggish and tired quite often. A weak core also leads to poor posture, muscle injury and lower back pain. To develop a strong core, you can either work out at the gym or do simple and basic activities at home. Running, stretching, walking up the stairs, brisk walking, crunches, all help to tone your lower abdomen area and make your core stronger. Plus, a stronger core equals to a more healthier you. Your stamina will increase, you’ll stay more alert during the day and you will have more control of your movements and activities.

How To Get Abs?


Still wondering how to get abs for women? Here are some of the effective ab workouts for women and meal plan for abs.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated


No matter how busy you are during the day, you must keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day will make your skin glow and flush away all the toxins which are accumulated in your body. Drinking water will also keep you more active and help you function better during the day. Also, make sure that the temperature of the water that you’re consuming isn’t too cold. It should be lukewarm. If you don’t like the taste of water, herbal teas and fruit-infused water will satisfy your taste buds. 

Stay Away From Carbs

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You’ve probably heard the word ‘carbs’ somewhere, but you don’t know exactly what it stands for and what they are. Carbs are a short form for carbohydrates. They’re given this name because they’re a mix of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They’re the fibres, sugars and starches that you find in milk products, bread, rice, sweets and vegetables. Some foods that are high in carbs – white rice, packed fruit juice, yoghurt, beans, potatoes, corn, soda, cookies etc. Also, take time in chewing and enjoying your meals. Slowly eating food will improve digestion. To avoid getting too lazy, make sure that when you eat, you’re just about 75-80% full. The aim is not to overeat. Eating food in smaller portions will ensure that you get that beach body in no time. 

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Protein For The Win


Now that carbs are out of the list, your focus should only be on consuming foods that are rich in protein. Baked fish or chicken is much better than having it fried. For milk, skimmed milk should work. Boiled eggs are healthier than fried eggs too. If your aim is to lose weight, leave out the yolk and only eat the whites. Steamed vegetables with no spices and oil are good for weight loss as well. Don’t eat meat items? Good! Then why not try tofu, lentils and beans? They’re all healthy treats. 

Do a Lifestyle Detox


You need peace of mind if you want to get rock solid abs. People who are prone to anxiety, stress eat more often. Cutting down on the sugary treats and fatty junk food can really make you slim and trim. Not just food, join activities like swimming, dancing, tennis, dog-walking – anything that causes you to engage with your core. 

Work On Your Posture

 Ab Workouts For Women

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If you want a stronger core, you will have to work on your posture. You can’t slouch no matter what the given situation is. You’ve got to make an effort to stand up straight and sit that way too. You may or may not know this, but if your abdominal muscles are weak, your spine won’t have the strength to pull your body upright. If you’re standing or walking, imagine that a string is pulling your head from the top. Automatically, your spine will turn erect and your buttocks and core will tighten. 



Best Exercises To Get Flat Abs

Want to learn how to get abs for women? Here’s how you can do it.

Try The Ab Wheel Rollout

This one looks easy, but can be challenging when you get to do it yourself. Here’s how to ace it like a pro!

Step 1: Kneel on the floor and hold the ab wheel rollout. 

Step 2: Maintain that posture and balance and slowly move back and forward.

Step 3: Do as many reps as you can.

How About Flutter Kicks?

I dread doing a set of flutter kicks. At first, it was impossible for me to even lift a leg (Forget moving the second one) But after a while, your body adapts and the more you do it, the better your abs feel and look.

Step 1: Lie on your back and place your palms firmly on the mat. 

Step 2: Without lifting your back or moving your hands, slowly lift your feet off the ground. 

Step 3: Kick your feet up and down as fast as possible.

The Medicine Ball Is Your Friend

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This exercise is pretty easy, but you need to focus and concentrate while doing the exercise. At the gym, you will find a medicine ball. However, if you’re doing it at home and you don’t have a medicine ball, a regular basket or soccer ball will do.  

Step 1: Sit on the floor and bend your knees slightly. 

Step 2: Hold the medicine ball in two hands and twist from side to side. 

Step 3: Do this for at least 20 times.

Give Mountain Climbers A Try

Mountain climbers not only improve stamina but also strengthen your core. More than the core, it’s like a full-body workout. You might start out slow, but over time, you will begin to perform faster. 

Step 1: Get your body in a plank position. 

Step 2: Pull one of your knees up till the midsection and place it back slowly. 

Step 3: Repeat the same action on the other leg. 

Step 4: Keep alternating between the two and gradually pick up the pace.

Side Planks Are The Best

 Exercises To Get Flat Abs

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A regular plank and a side plank are equally great. However, side plank is a little more challenging. To maintain the balance, you must have strong arms to help push your body off the ground. Here’s how to do it. 

Step 1:  Lay on your side.

Step 2: Push your body up with the help of your elbow. 

Step 3: Try to maintain the posture for a good 1-3 minutes.


Does working on abs reduce belly fat?

– No, it doesn’t. You can’t lose belly fat by working on your abs alone. A lifestyle change is required. A combination of exercise, diet and resistance training will help you burn those calories and eventually make you lose belly fat.

Can you train abs every day?

– You can if you’re a fitness junkie, but if you’re just starting out, then you shouldn’t. For every two days of intense core workout, take a day off to rest.

How many times to workout in a week for your core?

– Two to three times a week should be more than enough. Make sure that your core workout is a mix of crunches, planks, cable woodchops, superman and abdominal rollouts

What muscle strengthening equipment should you use for ab workout?

 – A rowing machine, treadmill, stair climber, the Roman chair, cable cross over machine, an ab wheel, stability ball.

Exercises to do at home for abs?

Try these – push-ups, planks, side plank with a twist, bicycle crunch and the boat pose. 

Now that you know everything about abs, why don’t you start working towards your fitness goal? If you follow everything on this list, you’re bound to give even Katrina Kaif’s abs a complex *Wink*

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