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Traditional, Fun & Quirky: 30+ Bridal Entry Ideas And Songs For All Your Needs!

Traditional, Fun & Quirky: 30+ Bridal Entry Ideas And Songs For All Your Needs!

This story was updated in January 2019.

You’ve prepped so much for this day. From the endless sessions at the salon to get that bridal glow to those tiring trips to Chandni Chowk to decide the perfect wedding lehenga, you’ve spent more hours obsessing over your wedding than you can even calculate. While all these things are so important, there is another important aspect of your wedding day you shouldn’t forget about – your bridal entry.

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Your entry will be the first time your husband lays his eyes on you, dressed in all your bridal finery. It’ll be the moment he forgets to breathe and loses his ability to string sentences together! That’s why, for his (and the guests) benefit, you need to enter in the most impactful way ever. We’ve put together bridal entry ideas – some traditional, some quirky and some downright fun for you to select from. We’ve also compiled a list of 30 bridal entry songs just for you!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Traditional Bridal Entry Ideas
Quirky Bridal Entry Ideas
Fun Bridal Entry Ideas
Best Bridal Entry Videos
Bridal Entry Song Ideas

Bridal Entry Ideas

Traditional Bridal Entry Ideas

Some brides really, truly believe that everything at their wedding should be traditional and according to customs. They just feel so connected to their roots and it’s beautiful to see them translate this feeling of attachment into various ceremonies during their wedding.

Phoolon Ki Chaddar

Entering with a phoolon ki chaddar is one of the most beautiful traditions of Punjabi weddings. Whether it is a plain dupatta or a beautifully adorned floral arrangement, the significance of a phoolo ki chaddar goes deeper than just a wedding decor item. As the bride walks down the aisle with her brothers holding the chaddar and the sisters walking behind her, the whole ceremony signifies that the bride, the apple of her family’s eyes, was brought up with a lot of love and affection. It also shows that her family wishes that she receives the same love and care from her new family. Best bridal entry idea, no?

bridal entry ideas phoolo ki chaddar

Image: Instagram

bridal entry ideas phoolo ki chaddar 1

Image: Instagram

7 bridal entry ideas

Image: The Wedding Salad

bridal entry ideas phoolo ki chaddar 3

Image: Instagram

bridal entry ideas phoolo ki chaddar 4

Image: Instagram

bridal entry ideas phoolo ki chaddar 5

Image: Instagram

With Your Main Men

Before your husband came into your life, your father and brother were your main men! They were the ones who stood by you and protected you and you did the same for them. It only makes sense then to enter with them as you walk into a new life where your husband will be joining the support gang your father and brothers made!

bridal entry ideas with your main men 1

Image: Instagram

bridal entry ideas with your main men 2

Image: Instagram

bridal entry ideas with your main men 3

Image: Instagram

bridal entry ideas with your main men 4

Image: Instagram

1 bridal entry ideas

Image: Instagram

Like A Royal Princess

We’re all princesses in our head even if we aren’t a princess of some land. On your D-Day, it is mandatory to be treated like one, and that is why your bridal entry needs to be larger than life! 

bridal entry ideas royal princess 1

Image: Instagram

bridal entry ideas royal princess 2

Image: Instagram

bridal entry ideas royal princess 3

Image: Instagram

5 bridal entry ideas

Image: Instagram

While Seeking The Blessings Of God

One of the most interesting and traditional entries I’ve ever seen, entering with god by your side will ensure that your wedding starts off on the right note and all the forces are with you!

bridal entry ideas blessings of god 1    

Image: Instagram

3 bridal entry ideas

Image: Cupcake Productions

bridal entry ideas blessings of god 3

Image: Instagram

Quirky Bridal Entry Ideas

Most brides look for a bridal entry idea that is out of the box and different. It isn’t necessarily to go viral on Instagram (well, that wouldn’t hurt) but it is to make the day more memorable, for yourself and the groom. And as we know, a little quirk never hurt anyone. So here are some crazy ideas you can totally use at your wedding. Bonus tip: They’ll serve as excellent reception entry ideas too, for you and your man to enter together!

On A Rikshaw

We don’t know who thought of this idea, but all you Basantis need to thank him/her for this. Rickshaws add an old-world charm to any decor and it’ll be such an unconventional way to enter. We <3 it!

bridal entry idea on a rickshaw 1

Image: Instagram

bridal entry idea rickshaw 2

Image: Instagram

bridal entry idea rickshaw 3

Image: Instagram

2 bridal entry ideas

Image: Dhanika Choksi Photography

10 bridal entry ideas

Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography on Instagram

On A Vehicle With Your Loved Ones

Imagine this – you and your man, riding into your reception, first time as man and wife, on a Bullet! How amazing does this bridal entry idea sound? To somebody like me, who is obsessed with bikes, very!

bridal entry idea on a vehicle 1

Image: Instagram

bridal entry idea on a vehicle 21

Image: Instagram

9 bridal entry ideas

Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography

A Firecracker Entry

Agar dhamaakedar nahi hui, to shuruat kesi hui? This translates to ‘If it didn’t start with a blast, did it even start?’ And that’s exactly why you need firecrackers when you’re entering – whether with your husband or alone! This bridal entry has to be one of my personal favourites only for the statement it makes!    

bridal entry idea firecracker 1

Image: Instagram

bridal entry idea firecracker 2

Image: Instagram

bridal entry idea firecracker 3

Image: Instagram

4 bridal entry ideas

Image: Artfoto Studios

Image: Instagram

Fun Bridal Entry Ideas

Ain’t no bride like a fun, happy bride. If you’re looking for something that is kinda, sorta traditional but with a twist, then here are some bridal entry ideas perfect for you. They aren’t OTT or too experimental, but they aren’t boring either and you can take our word for it!

With Your Gang

Remember when Carrie said on Sex And The City, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates…” Well, that’s the thing about besties – they stick by you through thick and thin and no matter what happens – they stand by you. That is why it only makes sense to make your bridal entry with your girlies.

Another way to make this entry a little more special is by letting your nieces and nephews or niblings, as we call them, lead the way!

bridal entry idea gang 1

Image: Instagram

6 bridal entry ideas

Image: Morvi Images

bridal entry idea gang 2

Image: Instagram

8 bridal entry ideas

Image: Cupcake Productions

Dancing Your Way Into His Heart

With all that excitement in your heart and music playing around you, how are you, dear bride, going to stop yourself from dancing? After all, why should men get a baraat and have all the fun?

bridal entry idea dance 1

Image: Instagram

bridal entry idea dance 2

Image: Instagram

bridal entry idea dance 3

Image: Instagram

Hand In Hand With Your Man

While your bridal entry is YOUR moment to shine, it’s okay to share the limelight with your hubby-to-be. And if you aren’t too thrilled about the idea, don’t worry! Just enter the engagement or the reception together!

bridal entry idea together 1

Image: Instagram

bridal entry idea together 2

Image: Instagram

Best Bridal Entry Videos

While we’ve given you a lot of entry ideas, there are some bridal entry videos that just stole our hearts. We couldn’t help but include them here, for you to take inspiration from!

The One With The Hawa Hawai Bride

The Groom Who Made The Bridal Entry Even More Special!

The One With The Veeres

The Swag Wali Bride

The Couple Who Danced Their Way Into Our Hearts

Bridal Entry Song Ideas

Every bride wants her entry to be spectacular. While any of the above ideas can make your entry on the most special day of your life a standout, it is important to have a song playing in the background that’ll make your husband’s heart skip a beat (and maybe shed a tear!) when he sees you. We know we all want that, don’t we? So here are some song ideas to make it even more special than you imagined it would be!

Traditional Entry Songs

  1. Din Shagna Da, Phillauri
    When Jasleen Royal took a Punjabi folk song and added her beautiful voice to it, she gave all Indian brides THE best entry song. The song is every girl’s top choice and rightfully so!
  2. Kabira Encore, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
    The beautiful lyrics and emotional feel of the song will make sure that all eyes are on you, dear bride!
  3. Navrai Maajhi, English Vinglish
    The song, sung from the perspective of the bride’s parents, talks about how lovely the ‘navrai maajhi’ or the new bride is. Need more reasons?
  4. Mangalayam, Saathiya
    The song begins with Sanskrit shlokas and it’ll give you goosebumps! It then transitions into Saathiya’s title track and the mix is just beautiful.
  5. Aafreen Aafreen, Coke Studio
    If the song has lyrics like ‘Jaane kesi baandhi tune akhiyo ki dor, mann mera khicha chala aaya teri ore’, why wouldn’t you play it while you are walking towards the love of your life?
  6. Madhaniya, Neha Bhasin
    A Punjabi folk song about a woman’s journey from a daughter to a wife is the perfect embodiment of all the emotions a woman feels as she leaves her old life behind for a new one. A sure shot tear-jerker!
  7. Shubh Aarambh, Kai Po Che
    Shubh Aarambh, translating to a lucky new beginning, is a song full of blessings for the new couple.
  8. Taarein Hain Baraati, Virasat
    The melodious song’s opening line is ‘Taarein hai baraati, chandani hai ye baraat… saato phere honge ab, haatho mein le kar haath’. That’s enough reason to play it as your entry song.
  9. Latika’s Theme, Slumdog Millionaire
    Starting at 0.46, the instrumental melody is for all the brides who want a subtle but powerful entry song. Your to-be-husband won’t be able to control his excitement of you walking towards him.
  10. Ullam Paadum, 2 States
    Beginning on a soft note, the Tamil rendition slowly picks up the pace, making it the perfect entry song for a Tamil bride.

Romantic Entry Songs

  1. Ek Din Aap Yun Humko Mil Jayenge, Yes Boss
    This song may be a little old but it is one of the most beautiful ones out there. Talking about their disbelief on finding their perfect partners, it is an amazing song to play so that your husband knows how much you appreciate him.
  2. Dekha Hazaro Dafaa Aapko, Rustom
    One of the most romantic songs of 2016, the soulful tune of the song makes it such a special song. As you’ll walk towards him, he’ll be transfixed, unable to look away.
  3. Jag Ghumeya (Female Version), Sultan
    There is no explanation for this song because there really is nobody like the man waiting for you down the aisle!
  4. O Rangrez, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
    Just because ‘Ek bhi saans alag nahi leni’ perfectly summarise your emotions as you enter the venue and see him for the first time.
  5. Humsafar, Badrinath Ki Dulhania
    Akhil Sachdeva’s voice and the extremely heartfelt and sincere lyrics of this song are what make this song a great choice as you walk towards your humsafar.
  6. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage, Dum Laga Ke Haisha
    Rarely are romantic songs as magical and moving as this one. It’s impossible to not like this captivating melody. Goosebumps Y’all!
  7. Sukoon Mila, Mary Kom
    After all, isn’t he your peace of mind and the calmness of your heart? Nobody can ground you like him!  
  8. Teri Ore, Singh Is King
    This song literally talks about walking ‘teri ore’ so why not?
  9. Sahiba, Phillauri
    With lyrics like ‘Sahiba, sahiba, chal wahan jahan mirza,’ the song will make a special place for itself in your heart once you hear it!

Entertaining Entry Songs

  1. Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai, Sultan
    Because jab aap naacho, usko aapka face pasand hai!
  2. Tune Maari Entriyaan, Gunday
    This is such an apt entry song because as soon as he sees you for the first time, there won’t be just bells ringing in his heart, there will probably be a full orchestra.
  3. Drama Queen, Hasee To Phasee
    Even though he knows that you’re OTT and a drama queen, another warning won’t do any harm. After all, where can he run except in your arms?
  4. Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai, Khoobsurat
    Kyu, aren’t we right? Life’s going to be a party from this moment on, so why not! If not for your bridal entry, this should definitely be your reception entry song!
  5. Payaliya, Dev D
    As you’re walking towards your husband, your payaliya, kangan and mom, everyone is asking you to go to piya ghar ‘coz that’s how lovestruck you are!
  6. Kala Chashma, Baar Baar Dekho
    Even though this song has been played at quite a few (A LOT, actually) weddings, there is something about a bride in sunglasses that doesn’t get old.
  7. London Thumakda, Queen
    The song, when it was first released, became quite a rage because of its catchy beats. And that’s what makes it such a perfect choice. 
  8. Gal Mithi Mithi Bol, Aisha
    The OG wedding song, this absolutely needs to play at least once at your wedding, if not as your entry song!
  9. Hawa Hawai, Tumhari Sullu
    We spotted an adorable bride dance her way to her groom on this song and since then, we haven’t been able to get over it.
  10. Jind Mahi, Nucleya
    If you’re a wild bride, you’ll know why this song makes perfect sense.

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