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Din Shagna Da: 15+ Bridal Entry Chadar Ideas That Are So Not Regular

Din Shagna Da: 15+ Bridal Entry Chadar Ideas That Are So Not Regular

Marrying soon? We hope that your wedding day turns out to be the most memorable one and you feel nothing short of a queen on the D-day. To help you a little bit in the department, we have curated a list of bridal entry chadar ideas. When everyone is looking at you during your bridal entry, these gorgeous chadars will ensure that it is worth their while. Scroll through:

Bridal Entry Chadar Ideas 

Currently preparing for your summer wedding? Make sure that these bridal entry chadar ideas are on your radar:


Elaborate Floral Chadar

Instagram: ElaborateFloral  chadar – bride entrance chadar designs

We believe in starting strong and this elaborate bridal entry flower chadar felt like the perfect fit. We love the structured design and the heavy floral work that lends it a dreamy appeal.

Bridal Chadar With Kaleeras

Instagram: Bridal Chadar With Kaleeras 

We love how flowers have been replaced with kaleeras in this bride’s entrance chadar. It adds a regal touch to the dulhan ki entry. 


Minimal Chadar

Instagram: Minimal chadar bridal entry ideas

If you are staying away from all things OTT, this fresh albeit minimal bridal entry phoolon ki chadar will be a good pick.

 Pastel Perfection Chadar

Instagram:  Pastel Perfection -phoolon ki chadar” 


It is the mogra jaali work in this bridal entry chadar that has our attention. The jaal is beautifully accentuated with pastel flowers and this is a great idea for daytime weddings, especially if you plan to wear something complementing.

All-White Pristine Chadar

Instagram: All-White Pristine Chadar- bridal entry flower chadar

Bookmark this chadar if a unique bridal entry idea is what you are looking for. We love the all-white colour palette and how it has been elevated with a variety of textures and flower varieties. 


White Chadar With Floral Accents

Instagram: White Chadar With Floral Accents

If an all-white bridal entry chadar sounds like a tad too much to you, try adding just a hint of colour with roses of your choice. You can even go for marigolds and orchids depending on what goes best with your finery.

Flowers & Tassels

Instagram: Flowers & Tassels – bride entry phoolon ki chadar

If you are bored of the basic bridal entry flower chadars, we recommend that you consider some interesting hangings. Take, for example, the thread tassels in this chadar. They look fun and you can opt for something that matches your dress. 


Layered Tasseled Chadar

Instagram: Layered Tassels – bridal entry flower chadar

Here’s another bridal entry chadar that has caught our attention. The layered tassels are what we love. In fact, you can even do away with the flowers and go for an entirely tassel based chadar

Unique Jaal Chadar

Instagram: Unique Jaal Chadar -Best bridal entry chadar designs

Have zeroed upon the perfect list of wedding songs for bridal entry? We have just what you need to take it up by several notches. This unique jaal bridal chadar is just perfect and will add a dreamy element to your entry.


Half & Half Chadar

Instagram: Half & Half Chadar –bride entry chadar ideas

The back of this half and half bridal entry chadar is different from how it looks at the front. This is a unique aesthetic and will be a great choice if you seek something hatke

Sea Of Rose Chadar 

Instagram: Sea Of Rose Chadar  

Simple yet stunning, this bridal entry chadar is made with nothing but roses. You can pick any flower of your choice to re-create a similar look.


Genda Phool Chadar

Instagram: Genda Phool Chadar – bride entry phoolon ki chadar designs

We rarely spot bridal chadar made entirely of marigolds and that’s exactly what makes this one so special. You can also pick up genda phools is differing hues for an interesting touch. 

Fabric Chadar

Instagram: Fabric – phoolon ki chadar ideas 

If you are into DIY wedding details, then here is a chadar that you should bookmark. All you’ll have to do is pick up an embroidered dupatta or fabric and minimally embellish it with roses. That’s it!


Structured Chadar

Instagram: Structured chadar – chadar bridal entry ideas

Those looking for fresh bride entry chadar ideas should bookmark this structured beauty. It is simple and yet so regal.

Roses & Greens

Instagram: Roses & greens –bridal entry chadar

In bridal entry chadars, the focus is always on the flowers and never on the leaves. However, this chadar is different. We love the use of leaves and how the green hue contrasts with the bride’s dress.


Veiled Chadar

Instagram: Veiled Chadar -best  bride entry phoolon ki chadar ideas 

Here is a multi-purpose bridal entry chadar that also serves as a veil. Love it!

Baby’s-Breath & Mogra

Instagram: Baby’s breath & mogra- Best  bridal entry chadar ideas

We have been going gaga after this baby’s-breath chadar ever since we spotted it at the Vick-Kat wedding. It really does get prettier. 


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So, brides-to-be, all set to make a stellar entrance with the bridal entry chadar of your dreams?

Featured Image: Instagram

27 May 2022
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