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Aloe Vera Gel Works Wonders For Styling Curls! Here’s How To Use It Right

Aloe Vera Gel Works Wonders For Styling Curls! Here’s How To Use It Right

OMG! Is there anything aloe vera gel isn’t good for? This juicy plant has gone above and beyond in treating all our beauty concerns with its simple, no-natural composition and now there’s another cool new way to incorporate it into your beauty routine. Aloe vera gel can make your curls shine! Not just that, it can also replace your regular curly hair styling gels when in a pinch. Hell, you could use this powerhouse of an ingredient even if you do have an arsenal of hair gels in your kit because it is just that impressive. The way to use aloe vera gel for styling curls is pretty straight up as well. So, if you’re curious about how aloe vera gel works to liberate those curls, read on!

Why Aloe Vera Gel?


We all know that aloe vera gel is immensely hydrating and soothing as well. But the gel consistency is what makes it great for styling curls. Aloe vera gel helps hydrate the strands and also eliminates frizz. That said, it provides hold just like a regular styling gel, except you can be assured that it won’t make your curls crunchy. And since this natural gel is rich in vitamins and minerals, it makes for a stellar alternative to OTC products that often contain complex formulas.

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel To Style Curls?


Using aloe vera gel to style curls is very easy and highly effective. It maintains bounce and shine and that gorgeous curly texture. Here’s how you apply for glorious curls.

Step 1: Water Winner

Always style your curls when they are wet as this will help retain the natural curl pattern. Begin with washing your hair with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t have time for a hair wash, simply spritz water on your hair with a spray bottle so that it is wet and ready for styling.

Step 2: Creamy Care

Apply a leave-in conditioning cream or a serum so that your curls are deeply nourished and soft. A leave-in conditioning product or serum will banish dryness and make your curls more smooth and shiny.

Step 3: Do The Twist

Once your leave-in conditioning cream is in, immediately scrunch in some aloe vera gel while the hair is still wet. You can rehydrate your curls by spritzing water if it dries up in between product applications. Once you’ve applied the aloe vera gel, begin twisting your hair in tiny sections to encourage curl formation.

Step 4: Air Head

Finally, time to dry your hair. Use a blow dryer with an attached diffuser head for curls. Turn it up to medium heat and blow dry your curls. You can also allow your hair to air dry for best results and no heat damage whatsoever.

The Wear Test

Aloe vera gel as styling gel works well for 3 days. It holds curls in place without hassle and there is no frizz involved at all. Curls feel bouncy and soft with gorgeous texture.

OTC Aloe Vera Gel Products To Stock Up On

If you want to make the switch to aloe vera gel for styling curls, try out these products.

H2T Gel 

This organic aloe vera gel is suited for both skin and hair. It comes with a travel-friendly tube packaging that’s perfect for those of you who are always on the go.

Pump It Up

Perfect for at home, use this large bottle with a pump allows you to easily style your hair at home and get amazing results.

Slick Rick

This tub is ideal for skin and hair as well and it is super hydrating. It does not make your hair feel sticky and instead adds immense shine.

Don’t be shy. Go ahead and try aloe vera gel to style your curls. We know for a fact that you’re going to be impressed with the results.

Featured Images: Pexels

08 Jun 2022

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