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#MyStory: Adding Aloe Vera Products To My Skincare Routine Was The Best Decision Ever

#MyStory: Adding Aloe Vera Products To My Skincare Routine Was The Best Decision Ever

I was one of those people who never cared about my skin. I limited my skincare routine to a cleanse in the morning and later at night before I hit the sack. Occasionally, of course, I would apply multani mitti that my mom swore by.  

This regimen was going fine until YouTube entered my life. You got it right, beauty bloggers and my addiction to online shopping made me go down a spiral of buying and trying out all the brands there were in the market. From brands which claim to deal with your skin problems with a hundred per cent organic products to oils that were supposed to make my pores vanish, I diligently gave them all a chance to perform a miracle. However, it did more harm than good. 

My skin felt itchy and I developed red scars and blemishes. From a normal skin type that remained neither dry nor oily, I changed to a combination skin type where my cheeks stayed normal/dry and my T-zone felt like it mined oil. I wasn’t sleeping properly, so my under eyes were puffy and dark circles were probably the first thing people noticed on my face. 


I knew the experimentation with skincare had to stop and I had to commit to a routine for my own sake. After reading and researching a whole lot, I realised that aloe vera was the answer to my problems. I threw out almost everything else (well, I didn’t actually throw them, they’re still sitting in my bathroom cabinet ‘coz they’re expensive) and changed my entire routine to aloe vera-based products

It’s been a week since I started using the POPxo Chamomile & Aloe Vera Deep Cleansing Creme

A pea-sized amount helps me get rid of dirt and pollutants and my skin feels squeaky clean, cool and refreshed. I use it twice a day – morning and evening. 

This is followed by the Aloe Vera Face & Body Gel to soothe redness and irritation on my skin

I slather on a thick layer on my face and use my ring finger to dab under my eyes to combat the puffiness and dark circles. And guess what? It works! 

After a week of revamping my routine, the redness drastically reduced and so did the dark circles. Even my blemishes and scars seem to be fading but I guess I need to stick to this routine for a couple of more weeks to see the full results. 

I’ve also included the POPxo Aloe Vera Face Scrub and Aloe Vera Face Pack in my skincare routine

While you don’t need to scrub or apply a face pack every day, it’s a good option for when you need that extra glow! The POPxo Aloe Vera Face Scrub has fine granules that exfoliate and deep cleanse your skin. Do remember to rub your face in an upward circular motion for a good 3-4 minutes before you wash off the product. Sometimes, when I have extra time, I take steam for a couple of minutes so that my pores truly get unclogged and then use the scrub. 


If I’m using the scrub, I always follow it up with the face pack for the complete spa experience! The pack also firms the skin and closes the pores that are now squeaky clean after a good scrub. Do keep it on for 15-20 minutes before you wash it off with lukewarm water. 

Don’t forget to put aloe vera gel after you’ve scrubbed and washed your face mask. 


Since we’re now living in a virus-filled world, be sure to always have aloe-vera infused wiped with you at all times. 

The POPxo Beauty Collection is now available for pre-order at 25% off only on www.popxo.com/shop/beauty. All the products are paraben-free and suitable for all skin and hair types. So, when are you placing your order?

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16 Sep 2019

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