Forget Copy+Paste, Here Are The Top Fashion Tips On How To Find Your Personal Style!

Abhilasha TyagiAbhilasha Tyagi  |  Feb 8, 2019
Forget Copy+Paste, Here Are The Top Fashion Tips On How To Find Your Personal Style!

The quest to find your personal style, though a continuous process, can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily, inspiration can be found in every nook and cranny – all that needs to be done is to be patient and let the scales of style weigh in your favour. Whether you are a maximalist who prefers going OTT, a person who enjoys seeking personal style in the distinct, or a newbie beginner who isn’t sure about the process, we know how to find your personal style for you. Read on!


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Types Of Personal style

How To Begin

Personal Style Tips

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Common Types Of Personal Styles For Reference


Comfort over everything else? Join the club! Comfy personal style doesn’t mean that your sartorial preferences have to be shabby. Opt for basics and essentials like tees and well-tailored blazers, mixing and matching your way to a winning look. The key factor here is to avoid ending up as a fashion victim and keeping comfort as your foremost priority.


If you are still on the path to find your personal style but somehow always drift towards classic fashion pieces like a polka dot blouse, a little black dress (LBD) or a crisp white shirt, you know where your fashion loyalties lie. Invest more in fashion items like a trouser suit or a pantsuit, a camel coat, white sneakers and a pair of blue jeans. All in all, timeless styles that are always in vogue and help you when it comes to the tricky plot of how to define your personal style.


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Biker jackets, faux leather detailing and rocker-chic elements contribute to an edgy fashion style. Always hoped to flaunt some faux-leather leggings like a badass? Read more about it if you need to here, and then go on to wear it without batting an eyelid. If metallic details with biker and punk elements are your calling, pick outfits conforming to it and go the edgy route after finding your personal style.


Distinct personal style always leaves a mark, impressing one and all, though the most important part in the equation of how to find your personal style is that you feel complete and confident in whatever you choose to wear. Clothing items like book bags (yes, they are a thing!), asymmetrical shirts and tie-up blouses are few of the many things that are different from the mundane, making them unconventional. If you like to stand out from the rest of the crowd and channel your likings into your personal style via brooches, accessories and distinct shoes, this is the type of personal style you should be focusing on. 


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If you are always ready to take a giant leap in terms of switching your fashion looks and turn to find your personal style like a fashion chameleon, some part of experimental fashion has already been mastered by you. Take your style for a spin by extending the boundaries of your personal style quotient further.


Colours, silhouettes and styles – nothing scares you no matter how out there or loud they are. The inner fashionista in you is always up for gleaming metallics, pop colours and animal prints. Team your current state of mind with some OTT accessorising involving embroidery and embellishment, and before you know it, you a true-blue maximalist.


Clean lines, standard colours like black, white, grey, navy and earthy tones, and well-tailored looks appeal to many, making them lovers of minimalism, or fashion minimalists. If you are a part of this fashion tribe, enhance this personal style of yours with a twist if you desire, adding layers and accessories such as demurely printed scarves, or keep it the usual chic by experimenting in silhouettes and colours you would wish to include in your wardrobe.


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How To Begin

The ever-relevant question of ‘how to find your personal style’ never fades away. If you are someone who is still struggling with the process, rest assured, we have all been there. It isn’t like you haven’t discovered for personal style yet, it might just be that you don’t specifically know what it is. The one thing that you ought to remember is that personal style evolves constantly, so you should put your worries aside and enjoy the ride. Fashion is ephemeral and there are plenty of styles out there to choose from, so you can pull off just about anything, but the focus point of how to find your fashion style is what makes you feel most confident, comfortable and most importantly, you.

Nevertheless, to answer the lingering question of ‘how to find your personal style’, we got together some steps and tips that might help you figure out your style quotient. Here’s how to begin.



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Know Your Preferences

The quest to find your personal style can only begin when you know yourself and your sartorial inclinations. Figure out your preferences, and the kind of style you are most confident and comfortable in. It doesn’t just have to be one look or one type of fashion outfits, it just has to be something that truly speaks to you. Ranging from colours, prints, patterns, fabrics and silhouettes, each one of us has their own choices that make our wardrobes. As you move forward in life while also trying to find your personal style, opt for different and distinct looks, for you never know which one might interest you the most.


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Consider Style Icons

There is no dearth of style icons who will help you find your personal style. Consider fictional characters like Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen from your favourite teen show Gossip Girl, or go the couture meets high fashion meets chic ready-to-wear route like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City. And no, it’s not just limited to these characters-pick whoever you like! In real life too, there are plenty of fashionistas to take inspiration from. Think icons like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly for a classic old-school look, and supermodels Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss for their effortless off-duty style. Closer home, Bollywood fashionistas like Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone are who you can look up to for awe-striking yet wearable fashion tips, ones that will help you with the question of how to find your fashion style.


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Select A Favourite Brand

Everyone has a favourite brand that seems to design clothes just for them! Ever felt this way about a particular label? It’s not necessarily a brand that you shop from all the time, or shop from at all- it could very well be a luxury brand whose aesthetics you admire, take inspiration from or would one day like to carry off with panache. Choose without limitations, browsing international luxury designers like Gucci and Prada, leading Indian designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi, ready to wear brands, fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara, and even upcoming homegrown labels from India and across.

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Choose A Signature Piece

If we are lucky, we all have that one fashion outfit (or perhaps even more) that we just love and can’t get enough of. Depending on whether you are a skirt person or a trouser person, a dress person or a leggings person, a minimalist, a maximalist or just somewhere in between, there are bound to be signature pieces you own in your wardrobe. Now it’s pretty clear that you cannot just wear a single outfit, for it needs to be teamed with something else, further styled, accessorised and so on. For example, your wide-legged trouser from Zara can be paired with a statement t-shirt or a classic shirt, while your lace midi skirt that you totally adore could be teamed with a fashionable top. But first up, the most important step in how to find your fashion style is to identify at least one signature piece that helps you in the overall process to find your personal style.

Accessories, Hair and Makeup

Once you have made a beeline for apparel, the next point of focus should be to select accessories that you like. It might be jewellery such as stylish earrings, antique jhumkas, or wedding wear worthy chokers and necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. Or you could also happen to be someone who is perpetually inclined towards shoes and own lots of them in every type. Either way, a fashionable accessory uplifts your style to a great extent, so make sure to select what you love. An important factor that will help you in the ever important question of how to find your personal style is your hairstyle and beauty looks. Whether you are all for naturally wavy hair, fashionable hairstyles, the no-makeup look or those trending smokey eyes, your hair and beauty looks make a difference to your sartorial style.


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Personal Style Tips

Challenge Yourself

Still feeling unsure because you can’t figure out the mystery of how to find your personal style? Stop worrying and start experimenting. Unless you challenge yourself and go out there, you will feel stuck in terms of fashion. Wear what you want to like no one’s watching, keeping in mind that the look works for the place you are at or the event you are attending (you shouldn’t possibly be seen wearing a beach look to the office). But whilst keeping that in mind, experiment with your fashion style in order to gain perspective.


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Ask Yourself Questions

Do I like sheath dresses better or A-line dresses better? Do trousers work for me or jeans is the way to go? Is it tees or shirts that I should invest in? The dreams of how to find your fashion style can be fulfilled only when you ask yourself certain questions. After all, the most important part of this fashion equation is you and more than anyone, you need to find your personal style because it pleases you.

Shop With A Thought

We have all been in that ‘got money will buy’ situation, especially when the sale season is around the corner. Before you gear up to go to the store and shop everything that catches your eye, remember that it should be something that you feel strikes a chord with you. The same holds true when you are browsing through fashion items online, ones which you feel are worthy of matching your personal style quotient. The pro tip to remember here is not to hold back entirely, while not being overwhelmed with everything on display either.


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Find What You Are Attracted To

There are certain times when we are simply left awestruck by a certain street style look we chanced upon on the Internet or something we saw a certain friend wearing. The idea, when it comes to the question of how to find your fashion style, is to find out what you are attracted to. It could be a particular silhouette, a colour or just about any design element you wish to include in your wardrobe in the near future. So take your thoughts about it into account, making and maintaining notes if you wish on how you would want your personal style to be. You could even maintain a list in your cell phone about what you wish to wear during the week, taking note whenever inspiration or a fashionable sight hits.

Delve Into Inspiration

If the query related to how to find your personal style still persists, make the Internet your best friend! But how does one do that? With Pinterest a few years ago and now Instagram available to you at ease, there is plenty of inspiration you can find. Whenever you feel like your wardrobe could use a slight reboot, discover and look at style pages in Instagram to give you the inspiration you need to find your personal style. Save your finds by bookmarking the images (with the help of the icon in the extreme right corner of each image) so that you can see them later, anytime you would want.

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