You Get Paged Every Hour: A Day In The ER Of A Doctor Treating Coronavirus Patients

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  Mar 25, 2020
You Get Paged Every Hour: A Day In The ER Of A Doctor Treating Coronavirus Patients


A couple of months after the Coronavirus outbreak was reported in China, the world has come to a staggering halt. As of this moment, the current number of infected patients stands at 471,794. About 21,297 people have already lost this battle. Entire countries are under complete lockdown, economies are struggling, businesses are shutting down and several people are losing their livelihood. While social distancing is one of the most important measures one can adopt to curb the spread of the virus, it is pertinent to acknowledge that if you are safe within the comforts of your home, spending time with family and still making an income without stepping out–you’re part of the privileged few.

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Take some time to express gratitude, because while we complain about being bored at home, real-life heroes are risking their lives to keep many alive. Can you imagine the kind of stress that medical health professionals must be experiencing during these trying times? One doctor took to Twitter to share exactly what a day in his life looks like at the moment. Dr Craig Spencer, who is the director of global health in Emergency Medicine at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, had previously treated and survived Ebola.

Take a peek into what a ‘normal’ day in his emergency room looks like these days:

Dr Craig Shares It All

It Starts With Coffee, Just Like The Rest Of Us

The Calm Before The Storm

Patients Are Of All Ages

Things Soon Get Gloomy

‘It’s Not Even 10am Yet…’

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Drinking Water Is A Luxury

Lunch Is A Distant Dream

Alarming Increase In COVID-19 Patients

It’s All COVID-19

Sanitise. Everything.

And The World Outside Has No Idea

The Joy Of Being Back Home With Your Loved Ones

In Case You Needed A Reality Check

This Is The New Normal


Do Your Part. Stay Indoors.

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Never has a twitter thread managed to send chills down my spine. And you thought staying locked inside our comfortable homes was hard? Think again. Do it for the people who don’t have the privilege to stay at home. Do it for people like Dr Craig.

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