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Read This And You’ll Never Skip Using a Beauty Blender

Read This And You’ll Never Skip Using a Beauty Blender

Love make-up, can’t blend? Turn into cake-face every time you try to do your own make-up? Foundation brush leave your face looking streaky and blotchy? A good blender may just be the answer to *all* your make-up miseries. This egg-shaped sponge will completely transform your cake-up to PRO-level sophistication. Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

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What Is A Beauty Blender?

A beauty blender is a foundation sponge designed to apply your base make-up. It was first seen in 2007, created by Rea Ann Silva under the brand name BeautyBlender (Rs 1,899). It also happens to be a staple in every make-up artists’ kit. The blender, most loved for its versatility can be used to apply foundations, powders, concealer and eyeshadow! Trust me, the possibilities are honestly endless.

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How Do You Use A Beauty Blender?

The beauty blender is meant to be used damp. Squeeze it a couple of times under running water for a few seconds, it will expand in size. The blender works best when used damp. The motion in which you used the blender makes all the difference in the application of your make-up. Remember to gently pat your make-up on; this makes sure the product seeps into your skin. The slight dampness in the sponge gives the make-up a luminous, skin-like finish. The stippling motion helps you achieve that PRO-level, airbrushed skin.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Using A Beauty Blender

– Always use a *DAMP* beauty blender, not a wet soggy one.


– Don’t apply product directly to the blender. Use the back of your hand as a surface or use a make-up palette. Dip the blender into the product and stipple on.

– Always keep your blender clean and dry. Since this is a sponge, it’s prone to bacterial and fungal infections if kept in an air-tight environment. You need to make sure you wash your blender with a mild soap after every use and keep it on your dresser to air out and dry


– The edges of the blender can be used to apply your concealer, highlight, contour and also to set the under eye area!

– You can use it to create a kick-ass DIY ombre nail (We would only recommend you do this when the blender is old and about to be trashed).


We also love the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (Rs 1,999) and the MyGlamm Beauty Blender (Rs 950).

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16 Jan 2018
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