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Miracle Spot Correctors To Give You Airbrushed Skin IRL!

Uneven skin tone, acne scars, pigmentation, dark circles--sound familiar? A game-changing step in your make-up regime, adding a spot corrector can help reinvent your look. Let’s start with what colour correction is. In theory, opposite colours can help cancel each other out. Most correcting concealers and palettes come in a lavender, green, yellow and orange. A thorough application can erase your imperfections, evening out your skin tone. Think of it as photoshop, using make-up! 

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A colour corrector for every problem

Here’s a quick how-to on selecting the corrector that’s perfect for you:

A yellow corrector is basically the most common concealer. Most of us tend to use a yellow-toned concealer on top of our foundation. It specifically helps cancel out any purple or bluish undertones on your skin. Use it to brighten up under-eyes and double it up as an eyeshadow primer.

An orange, salmon or peach concealer works like magic on those pesky dark circles. Pick a shade based on your skin tone. Orange works for people with a dark complexion, peach for medium complexion and light salmon for people with fair complexion.

A green corrector works really well on anything red - pimples, blemishes and redness from sensitivity too.

A swipe of lavender helps brighten dull and sallow-looking skin.

Top Colour Correctors

These are some of our favourite tools for spot correcting.

Always apply your corrector before foundation and concealer. Use a small spot correcting brush or a sponge. We love the Vega Concealer Brush (Rs 350) for precise spot concealing and the Pro Arte Concealer Buffer Brush (Rs 250) for blending. And honestly ladies, we cannot recommend the BeautyBlender (Rs 1,999) enough, it’s your one and done make-up blending tool.  

Published on Oct 4, 2017
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