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#JudgeMeNot: 9 ’90s Stereotypes That Should Be Left In The ’90s!

#JudgeMeNot: 9 ’90s Stereotypes That Should Be Left In The ’90s!

It’s almost two decades since we said goodbye to the ’90s but there are so many things from that era that very much exist, even today. So, while I absolutely love ’90’s music and movies, there are a few things that I really wish had stayed back in the ’90s. Even while we are in the new millenium, there are a lot of things that exist that bother me. So, hoping we bid a final goodbye to these stereotypes, I am listing down nine ’90s stereotypes that I hope we decide to leave in the ’90s!

1. ‘Itne ladko ke saath akeli ladki?’

One girl hanging out with a bunch of boys is not such a bad thing after all. I mean a girl can have guy friends in her life with no intentions of dating any of them. I mean, it’s going to be 2020, guys! Grow up!

2. ‘Ye kapde thode chote nahi hai?’

Hear me out when I say this. Loud and clear – a girl can wear whatever she likes, whenever she wants to,  no matter what she is doing. Anyone who makes a comment about a girl’s outfits is utterly uncool and this is one of those ’90s trends that should never ever come back!


3. ‘Bina shaadi ke saath rehte ho?’

So what if a couple wants to live-in with each other before getting married? They are trying to figure things out and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, sometimes, it’s better to actually live with someone to know if you can actually sign up for this big responsibility called ‘marriage’.

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4. ‘Behenjio wali baate mat karo’

First of all, this word should be banned. What is behenji? If you’re traditional, you’re good. If you don’t like traditional things, you’re good. Basically, you’re good no matter what you do and don’t let anyone tell you anything else.


5. ’Itna zada modern hona bhi theek nahi hai’

Now, society will confuse you to be a certain way. Don’t be confused, sistah! You are awesome the way you are. Modern or old-school, you are amazing!

6. ‘Tumhari umar nikalti jaa rahi hai’

A lot of people will tell you that your biological clock is ticking and that you should get married and have babies soon. Don’t listen to them. They will not come to your rescue if you’re struggling. Do things when you’re ready and not for a timeline. It’s your life, not a project that you’re taking up.

7. ‘Ye phone boyfriends se baat karne ke liye liya hai?’

Nahi, auntyji. Phone liya hai so that I can keep in touch with my loved ones. Now, what is this whole phone and boyfriend connection after all? I just don’t get it!


8. ‘Iska boyfriend hai, ye definitely virgin nahi hai’

Boyfriend or no boyfriend, you have the right to remain a virgin or not when you feel it’s the right time. Not being a virgin does not make you a bad person and you are an individual who has the right to make all your decisions. At least for yourself.

9. ‘Cigarette aur sharab peeti hai, sanskaari nahi hai’

Okay as much as I don’t want to advertise these two things. Read it again guys, cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are harmful to you but they don’t make you a bad person. They definitely don’t. As I said, you make your own decisions so you decide for yourself if it’s healthy or not. Let people never make any decisions for you! Please.

How many of these statements have you heard in your life? Listen up ladies, no matter what someone says, you are precious. Don’t let anyone ever make decisions for you. 

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01 Oct 2019

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