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Hot & How! 8 Stylish Winter Essentials That Will Ward Off The Cold Effortlessly

Hot & How! 8 Stylish Winter Essentials That Will Ward Off The Cold Effortlessly

All fun and merry as the winters might be, they do present the fashion savvy with a huge challenge–monotony. Contrary to its summer counterpart, the winter wardrobe remains mostly limited and most of us tend to get bored of it after a while. Of course, it gets even more complicated for the Indian wear enthusiasts. Come winter and they end up putting their desi fits into hibernation mode and make do with the same old bunch of bombers and sweatshirts. However, is it really the only option? Does one really need to do away with the joy of dressing up just ‘coz it is winter? Surely not. In fact, our winter layering options aren’t as limited as we believe and today, we are going to prove just that. Here is a cheat sheet on eight winter essentials that will help you ward off the cold in style:

Precious Pashminas

If it is pure, even the most delicate of pashminas can help you with enough warmth. But in case, you tend to believe that shawls are not so suave and just too basic, Dusala is here to change your mind. Helmed by the very talented Sugandha Kedia, the brand is reinventing Kashmiri Pashmina by fusing it with modern aesthetics. The brand has recently collaborated with ace designer Amit Aggarwal to come up with standout iterations of the Pashmina shawl and the results are a visual treat.

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Kashmiri Phiran

Phiran is another woollen Kashmiri offering that is as warm as it is stylish. For some added charm, opt for an aari embroidered separate and here is an offering by Kasmir Box that fits the bill perfectly well. Wear this beauty with a contrasting salwar and oxidised silver jhumkas and you’d be gold.

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Merino Wool Embroidered Jacket

A brilliantly warm natural fibre, Merino is thinner and finer than the regular wool and sits very comfortably on the skin. Today, style arbiters are opting for long coats made from this wool and they go wonderfully with Indian wear. Featured here is a cherry jacket by Pala Designs that has been nicely accentuated with an embellished orange collar.  

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Woollen Nehru Jacket

Woollen Nehru jackets are another option to keep it stylish during the winter months. They are warm, compact, and do their job just right. You can find woollen Nehru jackets in a number of hues. However, we do recommend that you opt for Earthy solids to pair them with your silk kurtas and even sarees. 

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Tailored Tweed Jacket

A tailored tweed jacket is another chic option to replace your sombre bomber with something more structured and crafty. Take, for reference, this lapel collared offering by Style Island. We love the fringed finish on its hems and how it is the perfect length to go with both your Indian wear as well Western separates. 

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Chic Shawl Coat

If you think that carrying around a shawl while ensuring that it does not fall off is too much effort, this is going to be a game changer for you. A shawl coat gives you the warmth and liquid silhouette of a shawl while combining it with the structure of a jacket. It’s win win really. 

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Rajasthani Sadri

Sadri or quilted jacket is a Rajasthani marvel. The making of this jacket involves impeccable craftsmanship and it is the silk variant that we really admire. The most interesting part about these jackets? Most of them are reversible which means that you get to pick two hues at the price of one!

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Uniqlo’s World Famous Heattech 

Since it’s 2019 entry in the India scene, Uniqlo has had a ubiquitous hold on the winter wear industry in India. The credit of course goes to their heat tech range that has been selling like hot cakes. From strappy slips to full blown turtle necks, this range by Uniqlo offers ultra light and comfortable thermal wear that ACTUALLY keeps you warm.

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So fam all set to diversify your winter wardrobe?

24 Dec 2021

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