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Girls, These Fab Fashion & Beauty Items Are Worth Splurging Your Quarantine Savings On

Girls, These Fab Fashion & Beauty Items Are Worth Splurging Your Quarantine Savings On

An upside to the past six months of the pandemic may seem surprising but working from home in your pyjamas and athleisure has a silver lining other than just ease. Since venturing out is still far from back to normal, most of you may have noticed a pause in buying, leading to more savings you could earlier vouch for. 

Should investing your hard-earned cash in fashion be on your mind, we suggest choosing high-end pieces that your wardrobe can retain for longer. Think re-wearing, styling in versatile ways and a subtle nod to sustainability through your choices. And while they lie on the expensive side of the spending spectrum, these fashion and beauty finds will prove to be worth every penny spent.

The Key Pieces For Your Wardrobe

Ready to see what lies ahead? Here’s looking at the array of carefully curated outfits and beauty picks worth investing in. 

Desk To Dinner In Versatile Staples

Your bedroom may have turned into your makeshift office for now but once stepping out of the house is safe again, you will need your workwear wardrobe to be up-to-date. Add to that the everyday staples you normally rely on when joining friends for a night out, and the list suddenly seems longer. To make things easier, why not invest in pieces that are supremely versatile? Be it classic jackets and blazer-inspired attires or flowy dresses and outerwears, add to cart outfits that you can wear endlessly and style in more ways than what meets the eye. 

Eye-Catching Festive Attires

Festivities and celebrations have sure taken a turn towards close-knit, intimate settings but with a number of festivals lined up, you will need key pieces in your closet to spruce up your look. Thanks to that untouched bank balance, you can add to cart some big-budget offerings that will not only help you build up your festive wardrobe but also last for a long time. Take your pick from sarees, kurtas, jackets and more, opting from the best of ceremonial wear. 

Go-To Accessories For An Elevated Look

Whether you are looking to update your festive look by adding a note of embellished items or simply looking for utilitarian fashion finds that go a long way, there is no dearth of unique accessories to choose from. Splurge a little on your favourites, making a selection from handbags and footwear that will prove to be the real head-turners.

A Winning Beauty Arsenal

By now, you may have discovered the power of a tried-and-tested beauty look, an instant and fail-safe way of uplifting your mood. Virtual meetings, back-to-work looks, small soirées and every other look you put together can benefit from some added beauty tricks, all of which can be achieved through a reliable beauty arsenal. Be it some eye-makeup that you have been eyeing (pun intended) for a long while or the jade-roller everyone else seems to have tried out, here’s delving into some products you wouldn’t mind spending on. 

Were you able to zero in on one (or possibly more) finds? 

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16 Sep 2020

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