Kya Aap Ek Naagin Hain? 8 Signs That Prove You Are A Dangerous Snake Lady In Disguise

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Nov 15, 2021
Kya Aap Ek Naagin Hain? 8 Signs That Prove You Are A Dangerous Snake Lady In Disguise


Did you guys hear? Ekta Kapoor is looking for her new naagin and we are so excited to meet her. We have reasons to believe that Mouni Roy will reprise her role as the OG shapeshifter in Naagin 6 and we cannot wait for the producer to reveal the entire star cast.

While Ekta is busy finalising her snake lady, we have done some digging of our own and guess what we have discovered? There’s a naagin hidden in all of us! Don’t worry, we are not high on anything and we have facts to prove our theory right. Scroll ahead to know what they are.

8 Signs That There’s An Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin In Us

From believing in janam-janam ka pyaar to ferociously protecting your loved ones, here are eight signs that suggest that there might be a naagin hidden in you:

Forgive & Forget? LOL

If you don’t agree with the philosophy of ‘forgive and forget’ and cannot let the bygones be bygones, then there’s a true naagin hidden in you somewhere. Well, all we can say is that people should think twice before becoming your jaani dushmans.

Dressed To Impress

What did Nia Sharma, Mouni Roy, Adaa Khan, Surbhi Chandna and Anita Hassanandani have in common in different seasons of Naagin? They all were dressed to impress at all times. Also, it didn’t take them ages to change outfits and they got ready within seconds. If you love dressing up for all occasions and have no difficulty in deciding what you’re going to wear next, then you might be a perfect pick for Ekta’s upcoming show.

Move It, Baby!

You do not need anyone to pull you to the stage because as soon as you hear music, you cannot stop yourself from grooving to the beats. Apart from dancing, you are into old classical music and love to flaunt your skills everywhere.

You Love Living In The Past

If you often find yourself dwelling on the past, then girl, you have what we like to call, ‘naagin-syndrome’ (yes, we just invented this). These mythical shapeshifters are known for remembering every element of their life and reliving it always. It also means that you believe in soulmates and janam-janam ka pyaar. You find the concept of finding the love that has been with you since eternity and will be with you forever truly romantic.

Your Love Story Is More Dramatic Than Komolika’s Expressions

Even though your beau is not a werewolf or vampire in disguise, your love story is still full of drama and obstacles. You either fall for men who spell trouble with a capital T or you have to cross oceans and mountains to end up with them.

You Have So Many Secrets & Layers

You do not open up easily and take your time in confiding with people. You have way too many secrets and people need to really win your trust before you start sharing them.

You LOVE Precious Stones

Just like naagins have a deep connection with their naagmanis, you love precious stones as well. And, when we say ‘love’, we actually mean that you’re obsessed with them. Well, people envy your jewellery collection and we totes understand why.

You Attack & Protect

You protect your close ones and you do that quite ferociously. Anyone who dares to hurt someone you love becomes your enemy for life. People can rely on you blindly because they know that you can take care of them better than anyone else.

Well, we don’t know if Ekta has found her naagin yet, but we have surely found one in ourselves today!

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