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8 Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Beauty Stash Clean & Germ-Free

8 Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Beauty Stash Clean & Germ-Free

One thing that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to light is that nothing is safe from germs, not even your precious makeup. By now, you’ve probably read up about how your makeup is a breeding ground for germs, and disinfecting your products is extremely important. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is choosing the right disinfecting products for your makeup stash. That’s why we recommend the germ-killing WIPEOUT by MyGlamm.

But once you sanitize your cosmetics, what happens next? Do you go back to your old, bad makeup habits with the notion that your products are now germ-free? Here’s the thing–bacteria can be sneaky and can contaminate the products faster if you don’t follow the right protocol. 

In order to reduce the growth of germs, bacteria and other impurities on your makeup, you need to adopt new methods to keep your products clean. We know that this can be confusing, so we’ve noted down a few hygiene tips that will help keep your makeup and skincare products from causing rashes, infections or pimples owing to contamination. Here’s how you can keep the nasties at bay.

Don’t Dip Your Fingers In Jars

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You need to be extra careful if you are using beauty products that come in jars and containers. When you scoop up the cream with your fingers, you introduce new bacteria into that container.

Use a spatula to scoop up the cream and always make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap before applying anything to your face. You can also use the WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream after washing your hands to eliminate any germs that were left behind.

Stop Pumping Your Mascara Wand


If you have the habit of pumping your mascara wand, you need to stop right away. This doesn’t help you get more product on the brush, in fact, it dries out your mascara faster and also creates a breeding ground for germs. These germs then pass from your mascara to your eyes, which can lead to eye infections.

Instead of pumping the wand up and down, just swirl the brush inside. This will help you get more product on the wand, without drying it out.

Don’t Sneeze On Open Products

While the spread of COVID-19 has brought to light the importance of covering your mouth while sneezing and coughing, it is something that should be followed whether or not there is an ongoing pandemic. When you sneeze on your open containers while applying makeup, you are passing on germs and bacteria to those products.

The solution to this problem is pretty simple–either sneeze into your elbow or walk out of the room to avoid getting any germs on your products. You can use the WIPEOUT Sanitizing Spray or WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes on your hands and elbow to get rid of any bacteria before continuing with your makeup application.

Wipe Your Lips After Eating & Before Reapplying Lipstick

There’s nothing wrong with reapplying lipstick after eating, but considering we’re in the middle of a pandemic, you need to be extra cautious. When you apply lipstick right after eating, the left-over food particles pass from your lips onto the product. This can encourage the growth of bacteria on the surface of your lipstick. The bacteria can then live on the product and spread to your lips the next time you decide to use it.

To avoid this gross disaster, wipe away any leftover food on your lips before reapplying your lipstick. Always carry the WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes to clean the lipstick tip after application.  

Don’t Share Your Makeup

We cannot stress enough on how important it is to not share your makeup. This is especially true for your eye makeup and lipsticks. It doesn’t matter if she’s your BFF or even a family member, letting others use your makeup is a big NO, especially now when coronavirus is spreading rapidly. By letting them use your makeup, you’re allowing germs onto your products.

If you have failed to follow this rule, don’t panic! You can immediately sanitize the products with the WIPEOUT Sanitizing Spray and WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes. When it comes to your lipstick, you can slice a bit off the top before wiping down the insides of the cover.

Always Wash Your Loofah

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This one might come as a surprise but yes, you need to wash your loofahs separately after using them. After 3-4 uses, wash your loofah, brushes and sponges with warm water and WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Wash to eliminate whatever bacteria is growing on it. Make sure that these products are completely dry before you use them again.

Don’t Double-dip Brushes


There is a reason why there are so many makeup brushes. Yes, it’s to make the application process for each product easier, but it also helps you avoid transferring oils and dirt into your other products. Confused? Let us explain. If you use a brush to apply foundation all over your face and then dip the same brush into your blush or bronzer, you’re transferring the oils and germs from your face on the other products.

Avoid double-dipping brushes and use a different brush for each product. Having said this, don’t forget to wash your brushes at least once a week.

Toss Out Expired Products

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Finally, get rid of your expired products! Trust us,  you don’t need them. Yes, we know it’s hard to get rid of your barely used mascara tube or foundation, but putting expired products on your face can lead to a lot of skin issues. Most makeup products have a shelf life of two years, but if they start to smell funky or don’t look right, it’s a hint that it’s time to toss them.

Realised you need to completely deep-clean your beauty stash after reading this? Good. Just make sure you turn it into a habit!

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25 Jul 2020

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