8 Eye Frames That Are More ‘Gigi’ Than ‘Geeky’

Arunima RustagiArunima Rustagi  |  May 29, 2018
8 Eye Frames That Are More ‘Gigi’ Than ‘Geeky’

Just because your eyesight isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean your #OOTD can’t be! It’s a common misconception that having prescription glasses cramps your style. If anything, it’s the opposite. A boring or drab look is capable of being turned around with the mere addition of a pair of chic eye frames. Sunglasses come on in the sun (duh) and off when it’s done. Reading glasses or other prescribed glasses, however, are in it for the long haul. If you don’t believe me, here is fashion goddess and supermodel, Gigi Hadid, dropping cues all over the place:

gigi 1 eye glasses more gigi than geeky

gigi 2 snapchat filter eye glasses more gigi than geeky

gigi 3 aviators eye glasses more gigi than geeky

See? This is why it’s important to have a reasonably priced yet super fine collection of eye frames. From cat-eye frames to Aviators, whether you’re half-blind like me or not, these out-of-the-box frames are sure to help you convert:

1. Big Deal


It can’t get more stylish than this. Not only are these stylishly oversized, they’re also only partially framed and have a top bar detail. No can ignore you or your outfit when you have these in tow, guaranteed.

Price: ₹ 612. Buy it here.

2. Gigi Chic


This slim wire framed aviator pair is the accessory you can wear with anything and everything. Your fusion outfits, your street style co-ord set, your brand new pant-suit… everything. Feel like your look lacks that oomph? Throw these on.

Price: ₹ 399. Buy it here.

3. Merry Go Round


Let’s stop beating ‘round the bush and get to the point. These round reading glass frames will save your sophisticated outfits from crossing over to ‘boring’. Gigi would approve.

Price: ₹ 699. Buy it here.

4. Ski Lesson


These are so Gigi! When you’re too lazy to make an effort on your everyday look, these ski-goggle style glasses to your rescue! Don’t be shy – these clear eye frames are radical but will get you those style points you need.

Price: ₹ 799. Buy it here.

5. Gold School


Go old school with the OG eye frames from back in the day. This rose gold pair will go with all your outfits, fancy or not. Add a swanky chain to your glasses to take your look to the next level.

Price: ₹ 816. Buy it here.

6. 70s Nostalgia


Gigi Hadid would fall head over heels for these unique eye frames. They’re not round, they’re not hexagonal – they’re somewhere in the middle and will change your look in seconds.

Price: ₹ 999. Buy it here.

7. Oh So Fly


Feel like your ‘white shirt tucked into ripped jeans’ look is getting old? This pair of old school aviators will lend a quirky touch to your casual looks. If I were you, I’d take them with me everywhere I go.

Price: ₹ 1,623. Buy it here.

8. Catty Cool


Did anyone else think ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ or is it just me? Well, these aren’t Prada but they might as well be. Super chic and the best way to boost your confidence when you’re dressing up for an important meeting.

Price: ₹ 1,190. Buy it here.

P.S. Make sure you buy the right frame for your face shape!