11 AWESOME Beauty Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses!

11 AWESOME Beauty Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses!
Wearing glasses doesn’t necessarily mean you should sport a geeky look. With so many gorgeous frames available these days, we’re actually spoilt for choice! But we have to admit - complementing your makeup to suit your glasses is as important as picking the right frames. Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled some beauty tips for girls who wear glasses, to help you look uber chic!

1. Don’t worry about overusing your concealer

1 beauty tips for girls who wear glasses Glasses tend to cast a shadow so make sure you conceal your under eye region well, even if you may not have dark circles. You really don’t want to end up looking tired and dull, do you?

2. Avoid heavy eye makeup

Too much eyeshadow may not be clearly visible through your lenses, so stick to a natural and light look. Even if you love flaunting a smokey eye, do a simpler version with an eyeliner instead of using too much shadow. It looks way neater and sharper than having smudgy eye makeup hiding behind your frames.

3. Use a volumizing mascara

3 beauty tips for girls who wear glasses Opt for a volumising one rather than a curling one, as exaggerated volume will show better than simply curled lashes. The thickness of your lashes will open up your eyes and make them appear bigger, helping you draw attention away from the frames.

4. Use eyeshadow primer to make your glasses slip-proof

This neat makeup hack will save you some embarrassment on those sweaty days! Dab a little eyeshadow primer on your nose and voila! Your glasses won’t budge from their place.

5. Watch the undertone

5 beauty tips for girls who wear glasses Pick yellow undertones for your base, to counter the shadows cast on your face. Yellow nullifies the shadow effect and it will go a long way in making your face look brighter.

6. Bigger frames are better for elaborate makeup

If heavy eye makeup is your style, then opt for slightly bigger frames as it will help a great deal in letting your makeup show through the glasses. Don’t go for too much detail and stick to a colour scheme that works well on your skin!

7. Your eyebrows are crucial

7 beauty tips for girls who wear glasses Your glasses frame your eyes but your eyebrows frame your glasses. Opt for a strong brow, whether arched or flat. It helps you make a strong statement without having to do too much work!

8. Cat eye is the way to go!

The cat-eye liner flick accentuates the natural curve of your eyes and brings out the shape beautifully. It makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Hence, an excellent choice of eye makeup for girls who wear glasses.

9. Draw attention to the lips

9 beauty tips for girls who wear glasses The biggest plus point about wearing glasses is that you can wear bold lipsticks and they look spectacular, without looking trashy. Keep the eye makeup simple and go wild with your lip colour! It’s a bold statement you’ll be proud you made.

10. Make sure your glasses are clean

Not exactly a beauty trick, but when you’re rocking gorgeous makeup, you want to make sure it’s visible through a clean frame! Also, glasses can be a hub of bacteria that cause serious bouts of acne, so it is time you used your hand sanitiser to clean and disinfect them.

11. Confidence is key!

Now that you’re armed with these tips and hacks, don’t forget to rock that look with sass! Images: Shutterstock