Bollywood Celebs Reinstate Our Trust In The One Single Statement Accessory Rule!

Sumona BoseSumona Bose  |  Jun 15, 2018
Bollywood Celebs Reinstate Our Trust In The One Single Statement Accessory Rule!


It is an unwritten rule that if you are repurposing the same bags, shoes and other accessories every single day, you are doing a disservice to yourself. Sure your favourite black sling bag goes with everything but to really complement your look, you need pieces that will stand on their own and won’t just fade into the background. This is where the single accessory rule comes in…

Pair your minimal or OTT outfit with one standout accessory which can completely transform your outfit. 

Sticking to one single accessory can be difficult since putting together an outfit might require more than a few. That’s where we step in. We came up with a few simple ways you can incorporate the single accessory rule in your look and come out looking like a total fashionista!

1. A Statement Choker

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Statement long necklaces are always an option to pair with your ensembles but they tend to get lost with printed clothes. Chokers, on the other hand, don’t have that problem. Whenever you get the chance to wear an outfit with a mid neckline or a collared top, go for the statement choker.

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2. A Statement Belt

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Wide belts with dresses and slimmer ones with jackets, this is how you can make the elusive belt your statement accessory. The trick is to match the belt with one of the colours or prints in your outfit and whenever in doubt, stick to leather!

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3. Statement Earrings

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It is difficult to define statement earrings, it’s a very subjective accessory. With a pair of jeans, even a silver dangler feels like a stretch! When you want your only accessory in an ensemble to be the earrings, make sure to pick one which has enough details like beading and drops, for it to grab attention. With earrings, go big and bold, always!

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4. A Statement Add-On

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Add-ons like corset panels and makeshift bandeaus can work as a standout accessory in a comparatively simpler standalone dress. Kriti’s flower style oversized belt works great with the floral printed fitted dress is a good example on how to go big without being gaudy. The actress is onto another accessory trend that can be used is the bum bag:

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5. A Statement Bag

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Big bags are always going to make head turns no matter what you are pairing them with. We love Priyanka’s use of a floral embroidered bag to go with her basic ensemble. The Fendi handbag stands out while maintaining the minimal vibe of the outfit as a whole.

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6. Statement Shoes

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Gladiator sandals, pop coloured heels and quirky sneakers… all of these kinds of shoes can be used as the statement accessory in your outfit. Add the shock factor and create unlikely matches, Diana paired her monotone semi-formal separates with a colourful pair of shoes and we are loving it.

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7. Statement Shades


Everyday casuals can be complemented with a statement accessory as well. A pair of mirrored sunglasses, a smart wristwatch or a chic cap, these small things can really make a difference when all you have on are a pair of jeans and a tank top. 

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