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7 Vanilla Perfumes That Fit Both The Summery & Sexy Vibe

7 Vanilla Perfumes That Fit Both The Summery & Sexy Vibe

We know the phrase ‘vanilla perfumes’ conjures up the memory of being enveloped in a warm, sweet-smelling cloud of freshly baked sugar cookies. However, ICYDK, the best-selling perfumes also have this not-so-secret ingredient in common. Vanilla perfumes are the key to raking in the most powerful complement of them all ‘you smell so good,’ a forever favourite of ours that can turn around even a stranger’s day. So, today we’re going to talk about vanilla perfumes that’ll make you smell like a dang treat sans the super-sweet smell. These intoxicating scents seem to embody sophistication, sweetness, and sexiness – all at once. 

To really hit the jackpot, you have to make sure it’s partnered up with other scents that tick the right boxes for you- whether that’s a candy floss haze that focuses on sweetness, a dark, sultry, earthy number that kicks your dopamine (aka, love hormone) into gear, or a soft number that envelops you in a cashmere-light blanket of scents. To lend a helping hand, we’ve rounded up seven vanilla fragrances that have such good reviews we would be buying them without smelling!

7 Vanilla Fragrances That’ll Blow Your Mind

Black Gold!

Ok, we’re not exaggerating when we say, this vanilla-infused fragrance is one of the most incredible scents we’ve been lucky enough to spritz. There’s an instant warmth, freshness, and sweetness in vanilla scents which is often described as ‘black gold’ by wearers. Trust us, this perfume is a thing of beauty. Designed to make its wearer feel sensual, wear it before your date to enhance your power of seduction.

The One That’s Always Selling Out

When Huda Beauty released this best-selling perfume, it hit the ground running(considering it always seems to sell out). Yeah, this perfume is youthful due to its creamy jasmine and vanilla orchid notes, but its oriental notes of musk, amber, and patchouli deepen it to keep the scent from smelling overly sweet. 

To Steal The Damn Show!

Giorgio Armani’s Si has been a fan-favourite for quite some time due to its alluring scent. It’s fruity and floral and topped off with a lick of vanilla. But it’s woody instead of being a candied vanilla-like aroma, so you’ll get a whiff of a deeper and warmer scent instead of overt sweetness. 

Perf For The Summer & Spring Months!

A straight-shooting vanilla, this does edge slightly into cupcake territory, but what it’s really perfect at, is layering up other perfumes to make them slightly warmer, sweeter, and creamier.

If You Could Bottle Up The Feeling Of ~Desire~

If you’ve been looking for a flirty scent, Prada’s Candy Kiss is just the one for you. The fragrance is soft due to its addition of musk accords, sweet due to the vanilla, but not headache-inducing, thanks to the addition of the natural-smelling orange blossom.

The One With Rave Reviews!

Guilty of waving our fave for the last? Yup! You’d think this fragrance will leave you smelling like an explosion of flowers because, well, that’s how it is marketed. But let us tell you, its much more complex than that. Sure, you get a beautiful rose and jasmine scent, but what makes it different is the subtle notes of patchouli and vanilla

Truly A Classic!

Ah, no vanilla perfume roundup would be complete without ‘Tom Ford’s iconic Tobacco Vanille Eau De Parfum. The rich and warm combination of tobacco and vanilla creates the most powerful and sultry fragrance. However, you must note that this scent is not for everyone. We like to compare the tobacco essence to the scent of a cigar. If you like it, go forth and pop one in your bag.

Smell you later!

Featured Image: Pexels

06 May 2022

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