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Pyaar Dosti Hai…Not! 6 Times Bollywood Movies Took Their Unrealistic Plots Too Far

Pyaar Dosti Hai…Not! 6 Times Bollywood Movies Took Their Unrealistic Plots Too Far

Back when I was a kid, I dreamt of getting married to my best friend when we grew up thanks to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Of course, that didn’t happen cause we never clicked. But what am trying to say is, Bollywood often messes with our heads when it comes to romance, hai na? Cmon! You gotta agree with me on this one. 

We’ve all grown up on such unrealistic expectations of love only to be disappointed eventually. From random strangers getting married to bumping into your stranger-crush a zillion times, Bollywood’s done it all. Which is why we got thinking and rounded up a few romances that were absolutely too good to be true. Keep reading!

Jab We Met


This movie was a hit and we all enjoyed it but we can’t help but think about its far stretched plot. Firstly, which girl asks a stranger to drop her to her house that’s 2000 km away? I don’t understand how this movie did not inspire a single Crime Patrol episode. Secondly, Geet’s boyfriend was about to break up with her which is why the universe sent Aditya in her life as her backup. Waah, if only the universe could also send such great guys my way too every time I had a heartbreak! That’s not all, then her ex changes his heart and comes back so that Geet could have a choice? This Geet’s got to be God’s fave child for sure!

Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein


Sorry RHTDM, but you just don’t bump into a random stranger so many times. Maddy falls in love with an unknown girl in Delhi and again sees her at a signal crossing in Mumbai? Um what? But that’s not all. He stalks the girl, pretends to be someone else and makes her fall in love with him? And even gets married to her in the end? Two words for you Bollywood—unrealistic AF!


Veer Zara


Meet Veer from Punjab who risked his life and spent 22 years in jail in Pakistan to save a girl’s modesty and pride. Veer met Zara while travelling and fell in love with her in a day. She fell for him too but she was engaged to someone else and her jealous fiance sent him to prison. For 22 years, Zara assumes Veer’s dead and Veer assumes Zara’s happily married. Then enter a good lawyer who reunites the two and saves the day! Where’s the logic? We’d really like to know what the writers of this film were thinking while working on the script. 

Hum Tum


In-spite of living in the same city, my ex and I have never bumped into each other even once. Then there’s Rhea and Karan who keep bumping into each other very conveniently all across the world. Like, how? Rhea even gets married to someone else and the makers decide to kill her husband so that she and Karan could have their happily-ever-after. Bas yaar, give chance and fate a break already!

Ek Tha Tiger


On a mission, an Indian agent falls in love with a Pakistani agent. This is fine, but when they later meet at a conference, they decide to leave their jobs aside and run away? Just like that. Someone call Interpol already! Their respective agencies do send agents to get Zoya and Tiger but the two escape them. And then the agencies have a change of heart and let them continue their lives. If only Romeo and Juliet had the same luck that Tiger and Zoya did!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


Okay, we all enjoyed this flick but let’s try and find the logic here. To begin with, how many times did Rahul say, “Pyar dosti hai” exactly? If he honestly believed this then why did it take him one wife and a daughter to realise that he loved his best friend Anjali? First he ignored Anjali cause she wasn’t too pretty for him and married college hottie Tina. Then when Tina died and Anjali had a makeover, he set out to get Anjali with the help of his 12-year-old daughter? And obviously, he managed to win Anjali in the end ‘cuz ‘happy endings’. Reality-0, Bollywood-10!

Phew..there are so many other movies that I could add to the list but let’s leave that for some other day. No, I’m not against filmy movies. But it just becomes too much to handle at times! Here’s hoping Bollywood takes it down a notch or two and makes more relatable content.

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09 Jun 2021

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