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Fantasy Husbands: 5 Movie Characters We Wouldn’t Mind Getting Hitched To Right Away!

Fantasy Husbands: 5 Movie Characters We Wouldn’t Mind Getting Hitched To Right Away!

Ever watched a movie and thought, “I want to end up with that man”? If your answer is anything except a solid yes then you’ve gotta be lying for sure. Let’s face it, we’ve all been hopelessly in love with at least one fictional character at some point in our lives. In my case, it’s gotta be more than 100. Oh cmon, you can hardly blame me for falling in love with these picture-perfect characters. I even went ahead and made a list of my fave onscreen characters and I can bet that you’d like to date them IRL too. Read on!

Vikram Singh Rathore


Oh boy, I had a major crush on Fawad Khan for the longest time after watching him in Khoobsurat. I think we all did, right? It was hard to resist his undeniable charm, dreamy looks and cute smile as Vikram Singh Rathore. And those custom made bandhgala jackets and three piece suits are legit proof that he knew his fashion game well. Of course, it helps that he’s a prince too! So it’s really not surprising when we say that he’s our fave eligible silver-screen bachelors. Now, where do I sign up for my princess lessons? 

Aditya Kashyap


Remember when Jab We Met released, and we all wanted a guy like Aditya Kashyap? And rightly so! I mean, he practically had every single quality on all our checklists’ combined! He was caring, fun, responsible, selfless and had a great career too. Wow, he would make the perfect Indian damaad. Hai na? Definitely wouldn’t mind being Mrs Aditya Kashyap at all!

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Krish Malhotra


My ex boyfriend refused to pick up my phone when he was at work and then we have Krish Malhotra who woke up before dawn to take tuition for his lady love’s brother before going to his workplace. Krish from Two States was mature, had a good career and went to great lengths to keep his girlfriend’s family happy. Ideal boyfriend, no? 

Humpty Sharma


You can’t help but fall in love with this modern-day Delhi version of Raj from DDLJ. The lead character from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, charmed us all with his sharp wit and adorable boy-next-door persona. Above all, his compassionate nature along with the strength to fight for his one true love made him stand out. Total cutie, right? Now, where do I apply to be his dulhaniya

Bitto Sharma


This Delhi guy definately won all our hearts in Band Bajaa Baaraat. His playful and goofy nature was totally adorbs. Plus that cute smile was enough to make you fall in love with him. Also, it helps that he could be serious when he needed to be. Go ahead, show me a better character, I’ll wait. 

All this talk about pyaar vyaar is making me want to watch these movies again with my girlfriends! Also, here’s hoping that the universe listens to my plea and sends a guy from this list my way ASAP.

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08 Jun 2021

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