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20+ Unique Wedding Card Designs That Will Make Your Guests Go ‘Wow’!

Weddings sound like fun, but the truth is that they can be really exhausting and stressful to plan. Since it is your special day, you would want everything to be perfect, just the way you have always imagined it to be. Choosing an unforgettable invitation card is among the first steps of wedding preparation, and while it sounds like an easy task, it can be really challenging to pick the right one. That’s why we have curated some of the best and unique wedding card designs that will make your work easier.

Wedding Invitation Card Designs

A wedding invitation card design can reflect the bride and groom’s personality, and give an idea of what the wedding will be like. Below are some beautiful wedding invitation card designs that are sure to impress the guests and leave them excited to attend your special day! 

Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation

Vintage Floral - wedding card design

Nothing captures the essence of a wedding quite like flowers. We’re loving the beautiful peonies and the vintage charm of this wedding invite! If you love all things floral, this one might be the right wedding card design for you.

Trunk Wedding Invitation

Trunk Wedding Invitation design

The outer cover of your wedding card doesn’t necessarily have to be an envelope. Instead, you can opt for a trunk wedding invitation such as this one for a more regal look. This trunk wedding invitation by Izhaar is sure to leave your guests in awe.  

Scroll Wedding Invitation

Scroll Wedding Invitation card design

You must have watched historical films and shows wherein any important announcement was made through scrolls. While scroll invitations were quite common during ancient times, they have once again made a resurgence in modern times. If a royal theme is what you’re going for, then a scroll wedding invitation card design will be an excellent choice.

Passport Style Invitation

Passport Style Wedding Invitation Card Design

Wanna get your guests excited about your destination wedding? Then send them this passport wedding invitation card that will leave them intrigued and thrilled at the same time. This wedding invitation card design is sure to be a huge hit!

Calendar Style Wedding Card

Calendar Style - wedding invitation card design

Instead of a normal wedding card that simply mentions the date of your wedding, you can opt for a wedding card invite in the calendar format, marking the important dates of the event.

Art Deco Theme

Art Deco Theme - marriage card design

Are you a fan of visual arts and architecture styles? Then you’re going to love this art deco-themed wedding card design! This wedding invitation card by The Murphy Studio consists of gold printed feathers and amazing art deco-inspired designs that give a royal vibe.

Leaf Envelope Wedding Card

Leaf Envelope - wedding invitation design

Did you have a tropical wedding theme in mind? Then you’re gonna love this wedding card design. What makes this design unique is the Monstera leaf-wrapped envelope. Inside it, are linen-textured cards with beautiful watercolour illustrations that follow the same theme.  

Invite Quotes For Wedding

Weekend Getaway Ticket

Weekend Getaway Ticket - wedding card ideas

If you’re looking for a unique wedding card design, you might wanna check out this one! Instead of a conventional wedding card, you can instead opt for a ticket-style wedding invitation card design that simply mentions the dates of the events, and the attire to be worn. It’s beautiful, minimal, and quirky- what’s not to love? 

Fold-Out Wedding Card Design

Fold-Out Wedding Card Design

Looking for a simple yet unique wedding card design? Well, it can be something as simple as a fold-out card, instead of insert cards. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can have the graphics on the fold-out card customized.

Wedding Location Themed Wedding Cards

Wedding Location Themed Wedding Cards

Planning a destination wedding at a picturesque location? Give your guests a glimpse of your beautiful wedding venue and location through your unique wedding card design.

Rustic Wedding Invitation

Rustic marriage card design

Here’s an out-of-the-box wedding card idea that you’re surely gonna love. Instead of placing insert cards in an envelope, you can instead opt for a unique wedding card design like this one! It’s minimal, and makes use of recycled paper, wooden pencils, and jute twine to give it a vintage rustic look. 

Boarding Pass Theme

Boarding Pass Theme -Best wedding invitation card design

Looking to jazz up the layout of your wedding card? Well, instead of the usual cards, you can opt for boarding pass designs mentioning the date and destination of the wedding. This interesting wedding invitation card design by ‘Create A Flutter’ consists of the boarding pass invitation, and customized bag tags with caricatures of the bride and groom!  

Floral Cutwork Wedding Card

Floral Cutwork - wedding invitation design

Floral cutwork looks beautiful, especially on wedding cards! This is a wonderful wedding card design idea for all those who love all things simple and elegant. 

Eco-Friendly Invites

Eco-Friendly Invites - wedding card ideas

This handmade wedding card design has been made from fine cotton, and we’re loving the look it gives! Instead of a satin ribbon, you can opt for a jute twine to tie around the card, to give it a more rustic look. 

Flap Wedding Card Design

Flap - invitation card ideas

This wedding card design consists of multiple flaps, which the guests have to lift to reveal what’s inside! It adds a playful element to your basic wedding card, and adds to the beauty of the card.

3D- Layered Floral Box Wedding Invite

Layered Floral Box - wedding card design

This wedding invitation card design by Customizing Creativity looks oh-so-gorgeous! Pastel florals, the 3D layers, the gold foiling- all of it makes for an elegant design! Instead of an envelope, the wedding card comes inside a beautiful square box that adds to its beauty. 

Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Acrylic on - wedding invitation card design

Acrylic wedding cards are trending these days and for good reason! They look sophisticated, and alluring, especially when paired with the right colours. We’re loving the use of peach flowery colour along with the translucent acrylic card. 

Pop Up Wedding Card

Pop Up - best wedding card design

If a conventional wedding card design isn’t what you had in mind, consider adding a pop-up element to make it fun and playful! 

Online Wedding Card Designs

When it comes to wedding invitations, going paperless is a great idea, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, when heading out to personally give the wedding invitation card may not be possible. Digital wedding invitations are hassle-free, environmentally friendly, and above all, they give you more creative freedom to design your E-invite, at a much lesser cost. Below are some online wedding card designs that you can take inspiration from!

Save The Date!

Save The Date! - online wedding card design
Create A Flutter

Your online wedding card design need not necessarily be too elaborate. You can simply have a beautiful arched frame, with details written inside them. It’s simple, yet elegant, and the framed arch gives it a traditional look. 

Traditional Wedding Invite

Traditional Wedding Invite -Online invitation card design

You can add a few floral and traditional elements in the background to make your online wedding card design more appealing and eye-catching! 

Caricature Invitation

Caricature Invitation - Online wedding invitation card design

Another great idea for your digital wedding card design is to get a caricature of the bride and groom. It gives a personalized look and is quite unique. We’re especially loving the purple theme of this wedding card design.

Bollywood-Themed Invite

Bollywood Themed Invite - online wedding invitation card

Are you a Bollywood movie buff? Then you’re gonna love this online wedding card design! Choose a movie or your favourite Bollywood scene, create a caricature, and add a dialogue from the movie to make your wedding invitations look quirky! 

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Featured Image: Paper Truly and The Murphy Studio on Instagram 

25 Oct 2021

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