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Stuck At Home With Your Fam During Lockdown? 5 Ways To Keep Each Other Entertained

Stuck At Home With Your Fam During Lockdown? 5 Ways To Keep Each Other Entertained

When coronavirus first broke out in 2020, we experienced what it was like to be confined indoors for the first time. A year later, we are back in the same situation. However, this time around, people are a lot less enthusiastic about their Dalgona coffees and banana bread. This is possibly because the situation is a lot grimmer this time. However, we urge you to look at the positive side of the coin—the worst is now behind us, so let’s make the most of this extra time that we have with our

While we agree that being shut indoors with our entire famjam for a long time can get unnerving, remind yourself that some people are completely alone and isolated right now. Your family may annoy you at times, but during a tough period like this, you are lucky to have each other. So why not make the best of this situation? Gather your family and try out these fun activities with them while you’re all stuck at home.

Play Board Games


Board games were the OG way to keep large groups of people entertained. But with new technology, they are no longer as popular. Well, we say let’s revive the trend! The best part is that you no longer have to stick with old school games like Ludo or Snakes and Ladders—there are plenty of exciting options to choose from! So order your favourite board game and get playing with the fam! After all, nothing is greater than the satisfaction of physically rolling your dice.

Have A Dance Off

Playing antakshari is so 1995! Everybody loves a good dance show (we know you binge-watched every season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa), so why not have one at home?  You could pair up with your parents or siblings, or even form groups if you live in a joint family! Learn a few dance routines and perform them in front of one another—could anything be more fun?

Host A Cooking Competition


It’s 2021, and that means every member of your family should know how to cook, irrespective of gender or age. If you’ve always wanted to hone your cooking skills or learn how to recreate that fancy restaurant dish—now’s the time! In fact, why don’t you host a cooking competition where every member of your family cooks one phenomenal dish? It will be fun to do and you will have plenty of yummy food to eat!

Have Storytelling Nights

Remember when we were young and used to tell each other ghost stories during sleepovers? Well, imagine you are having a sleepover with your fam and tell each other stories—spooky or otherwise! You could organise snacks, get some drinks and dim the lights. Everyone will go to bed happy and entertained!

Organise A Champi Session


Oil massages are a very Indian way of family bonding and care. Your mother or grandma probably used to give you a full tel maalish when you were a baby. Even today, we bet they lovingly offer to give you a head massage with oil every now and then. Why not turn it into a ritual? Host a ‘champi sesh’, and let your entire family give each other head massages. It will be relaxing for everyone and be a fun bonding activity.

Have A Movie Marathon

This one’s an oldie but a goldie. Nothing says family bonding time more than getting together and watching your favourite flicks. Well, we’re telling you to take it a step further—why not host theme movie nights? Or maybe each member of the fam can create their own list of favourites for each day. That way you can all watch diverse genres of cinema, without having to fight over which movies to see. If you wanna make it fun, host a quiz at the end of each movie marathon sesh!

The circumstances might not be great, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of them! Stay home, #KhayalRakhna, and spend some quality time with your family.

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This article is part of a social initiative called #KhayalRakhna by Philips. We hope to provide you with some comfort, relief and guidance as we power through these tough times. If you are finding it hard to cope, we encourage you to get in touch with a mental health professional.

09 Jun 2021

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