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These 5 Superfoods Will Do Wonders For Your Skin, Hair & Health

These 5 Superfoods Will Do Wonders For Your Skin, Hair & Health

If there is one thing we know for sure when it comes to food, it is that what you eat, can directly impact your beauty game. There is no miracle-working moisturiser or serum that will make your skin glow the way eating well will. So, where do you start? While healthy eating on a whole is a good idea, there are certain foods that are chockfull of nutrients and vitamins that will, over time, give your skin a glow. These superfoods are commonly found in every kitchen. Seriously, just ask your mom. The most important rule to follow: Eat locally grown foods. 

To know more about the top 5 superfoods that can up your skin, hair and overall health game, keep reading…

Pearl millet

Commonly known as bajra, this superfood has been tried and tested for generations. It contains essential vitamins that act like natural sunscreens and prevent UV damage to your hair and skin. Folic acid in bajra boosts collagen production and hair growth and magnesium keeps the heart healthy. Make rotis out of it, muffins or even laddoos.

Sweet potatoes

Feel free to load up on this superfood, especially if you have oily skin. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A (read: retinol) which regulates oil production, reduces acne and keeps your immune system healthy. They are also full of beta-carotene, which prevents hair thinning. Roast it or grill it and eat it with some salt and pepper. 


You’ve heard this before, but we’ll say it again: eat your greens. Spinach is rich in vitamin K and zinc, both of which not only reduce inflammation, protect skin and even it out but also strengthen your bones. It also has essential vitamins that regulate sebum production in the scalp, keeping it moisturised. Have it in soups or as a juice. 


Have it powdered, steamed or eat it in a salad, moringa is super nutritious whichever way you decide to consume it. A natural blood purifier, it clears toxins from the body. Less toxins = lesser breakouts. Plus, it is great for your hair. It contains zinc and iron which stimulate hair growth and carry oxygen all the way to the roots, ensuring a healthy mane.


This winter fruit is packed with some serious vitamin C and anthocyanins (naturally occurring pigments that give strawberries and tomatoes their rich red colour), both of which are free radical fighters. They reverse and prevent skin from further damage from pollutants and stress. Have whole strawberries or make a salsa! 

Now that you’re up to date with all the superfoods you should be having this season, let us know which ones you will be including in your diet ASAP!

Featured image: Pexels

23 Dec 2020

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