Retinol To The Rescue: The Right Way To Use This Skincare Ingredient For Best Results

Retinol To The Rescue: The Right Way To Use This Skincare Ingredient For Best Results

Retinol took over the skincare world last year and it’s still going strong. This is mainly ‘coz it can basically do it all, making it one of the best skincare ingredients. From stimulating collagen production and accelerating skin turnover, to reducing fine lines and wrinkles and even eliminating acne marks, discolouration and blemishes, the list goes on. But to reap its full benefits, you need to apply it the right way. Here’s where we come in! If you want to know more about this magic ingredient and the best way to get results, then keep on scrolling.

What Is Retinol?

Before learning about how to use this skincare ingredient, you first, need to understand what this ingredient actually is. Retinol contains a vitamin A derivative, which is technically a type of retinoid, that aids in collagen production. Even though this ingredient is found in many over-the-counter products like face creams, eye creams, and serums, it can cause the skin to dry out and sometimes even turn red. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you check with your dermat before incorporating this ingredient into your skincare routine.

The Best Way To Use Retinol

Retinol is the go-to product when it comes to reducing the signs of ageing and it definitely lives up to its hype. If you are planning on using this product, then you need to incorporate these steps into your nighttime routine to achieve visible results.

Prep Your Skin


This is the golden rule before applying any skincare product and it’s no different with retinol either. After cleansing and toning your face, go on and apply your eye cream, since the skin around your eyes is the most delicate part of your face.


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Let Your Face Dry


Unlike using moisturisers, it is best to wait until your face is completely dry before applying retinol. This is because applying a product on damp skin helps it seep deeper into the epidermis and you don’t want this with retinol as it could lead to skin irritation.

Massage A Pea-Sized Amount


Once your face is completely dry, take a small amount of your retinol cream and apply it evenly all over your face, making sure to massage it from the chin up. Keep massaging until the product is completely absorbed.



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Apply A Moisturiser


After you have evenly applied retinol, go on and finish your routine with a moisturiser. This will help hydrate the skin and reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Since this is a strong ingredient, do not make the mistake of mixing it with other stronger ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide etc. It is a recipe for skin disaster. You also need to remember that since retinol is quite powerful, it’s best not to use it by itself. The solution-- Pair it with simple moisturisers that don’t have any strong ingredients.

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Always Use Sunscreen


Remember, retinol makes the skin sensitive to the sun so don’t forget to apply a good amount of sunscreen before stepping out of the house the next morning. This will help prevent any sun damage.


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Now that you’re up to date with retinol go on and follow these steps to achieve beautiful, healthy skin.

Featured Image: Pexels