5 Sex Toys That Will Certainly Put You On Santa’s Naughty List

ShivaniShivani  |  Dec 23, 2021
5 Sex Toys That Will Certainly Put You On Santa’s Naughty List


Everyone wants to be in Santa’s good books but what about the ones who have no problem in being naughty? This Christmas, gift yourself long nights of pleasure, excitement and orgasms with help of some extra special sex toys. Just like Santa has his team of elves to help him out, we have a list of tools that can help you to achieve the big O!

NGL, after a long and stressful year, we can all do with a little ‘me time’. If you aren’t sure about where to start, we have the perfect picks for you!

5 Sex Toys That Will Surely Put You On Santa’s Naughty List


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A dildo is as basic as it can get when it comes to sex toys. It is quite handy (no pun intended) if you are just starting out ‘coz literally—it’s a dick, a plastic dick. There is a ton of variety available when it comes to dildos, you just have to pick the one (which means picking the right length and girth) that works for you!

Clitoris Suction Stimulator

Remember that song from Housefull aaja tujhe heaven dikhaungi? Perhaps it was based on a clitoris stimulator! This sex toy targets the extra-sensitive spots for a truly mind-blowing orgasm. There is no way you can get enough of it! Interestingly, you can also use it for nipple play or during anal sex. Honestly, the sky is the limit with the suction stimulator.

Anal Beads 

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If you are all about the booty then anal beads are a godsend for you. Whether you’re into anal sex or just planning to try it out, this sex toy is quite useful. You can start off with tiny anal beads, and then you can decide for yourself what size works for you. The best part is your partner can also try out anal beads, as long as you both get a separate pair (‘coz hygiene). A word to the wise—don’t forget to lubricate!


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Remember that one episode from Sex and the City when the girls were talking about sex (duh), and Miranda couldn’t stop raving about her vibrator? Let’s just say, we totally get her point (wink wink). As the name suggests, a vibrator is a wand-like sex toy that vibrates. There are many types of vibrators available in the market and you just have to pick the ones that work for you.

Edible Underwear

If you are tired of using the obvious treats in the bedroom like chocolate sauce, whipped cream and more, then we have just the pick for you! There are tons of edible underwear available in the market that are made of different types of candies. A sugary g-string or bra made of gummies can add a lot of excitement to your sex life. 

So, forget about being nice this Christmas—’tis the season to be naughty!