5 Health Benefits Of Tea That You Were Probably Unaware Of!

Kannagi DesaiKannagi Desai  |  Apr 24, 2019
5 Health Benefits Of Tea That You Were Probably Unaware Of!


Tea is the most versatile solution for every woe.

Skin woes? Tea!

Unwell? Tea!

Need to wake up? Tea!

Life issues? Tea!

Need a raise? Tea!

Okay, we know we crossed a line there and got carried away. But about tea being a versatile solution, that we weren’t boasting. A lot of different types of teas and combinations of tea are great for detox, clearing skin problems and just general health and wellness benefits. Here are a few benefits of drinking tea that you might not have heard of.

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1. Oolong tea is the ideal tea to aid in weight loss

This tea doesn’t just accelerate your metabolism it also has fat oxidation property that helps reduce the frequency with which you put on weight. It stimulates your metabolism long after you’ve had a cup steeped in water. Apart from that, it is a great antioxidant

2. While tea does have caffeine it doesn’t hit you as fast as coffee does

The caffeine content in tea is a little complex for your body to break down. So the full force of caffeine hits you in bits as your body processes it and not all at once like coffee normally would. This complex compound is an amino acid that increases dopamine production in the body.

3. Tea increases your immunity

Green tea in particular, when consumed twice a day (without milk and sugar), has the power to kill off bacteria and increase the body’s ability to ward off bacteria. This, in turn, helps in making your immune system stronger.

4. Peppermint tea is a bonafide stress reducer

Studies show that both peppermint and cinnamon are known to reduce stress and frustration with their fragrance and aroma. Peppermint also reduces fatigue and relaxes the body. In addition to that, it also aids in a smooth digestive process, freshens the breath and also is known to help ease menstrual cramps. Another tea that is great with cramps in Chamomile tea.

5. Tea improves oral health

Black tea doesn’t stain your teeth in fact studies have shown that it actually reduces the plaque formation on your teeth. It also stops bacteria from growing and spreading, therefore, fewer chances of cavities. Whereas the catechin in green tea helps cleanse your mouth and throat eradicating bacteria that could cause tooth decay, throat infection and also reduces gum inflammation.

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