Picked The Wrong Foundation Shade? These 5 Hacks Will Help You Correct It Right Away

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 22, 2021
Picked The Wrong Foundation Shade? These 5 Hacks Will Help You Correct It Right Away


Finding the right foundation for your skin type is so important in order to get your base looking perfect. If you’ve done your research and decided on buying a foundation that you believe is the best match for your skin, that’s great. But, what happens when you receive the products and it doesn’t match up to your expectations? You may have been expecting more coverage, a lighter or darker shade, a dewier finish, or skin-soothing ingredients and more, but the product doesn’t really have all of what you need. That’s no longer a problem because these foundation hacks will make your foundation work for your skin no matter the odds.

5 Foundation Hacks To Get You Base Right


Lighten Up

If the shade of foundation you selected is slightly darker for your skin tone, you can easily fix this with a hint of moisturiser. Squirt out some foundation on a plate or on the back of your hand and add a small amount of moisturiser to it. Mix it well and you will find the shade adjust to your skin tone like a dream. This hack also offers you a skin-like finish that is so natural and comfortable to wear.

To Deepen The Colour

When you end up with a shade that is too light for your skin (every brown girl’s dilemma) fret not. You can bring the foundation to match your Indian skin tone with a pinch of turmeric. Simply pump out the foundation on the back of your hand or mixing plate and mix in a pinch of turmeric. Watch how the shade gets darker. You can add more turmeric if need be to bring the shade to match your skin tone. This hack will give you a golden glow and help keep acne under control. However, you should be careful about not looking too yellow and nuetralising the undertone if required.

The Skin Fix

For those of you who suffer from breakouts, this hack is going to save you from that skin concern. To make your foundation skin-friendly for acne-prone skin, add a drop of tea tree essential oil whenever you decide to do up your base. One pump of foundation is good enough to make your skin feel comfortable and cared for under base makeup.

When You Want It Opaque

Not getting enough coverage from your foundation? Mix some talcum powder or setting powder to a pump of foundation and apply it on your skin. You will witness increased coverage in an instant. You can use this hack to make your foundation work as a heavy-duty concealer whenever you desire a strong base. 

For A Dewy Finish

Want to make your foundation high on that glow factor? Mix a drop of liquid highlighter to the amount of foundation you plan to use on your face and enjoy that gorgeous dewy finish that gives you an unrivalled glow. 

Ready to ace that base?

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