6 Hacks To Help You Find The Right Foundation Shade Online

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jul 23, 2021
6 Hacks To Help You Find The Right Foundation Shade Online


What’s the hardest part of shopping online for makeup? Well, for most of us, it’s finding the spot-on foundation shade that blends seamlessly into our skin tone and has the right amount of coverage. However, shopping for makeup essentials online is currently unavoidable, giving that testing in-store and swatching are off-limits, and finding the perfect match feels like a battle.

To make the process as painless as possible, we’re listing down hacks to do it right from your couch. Whether you’re a lover of an Insta-worthy matte finish or a luminous, dewy look – keep scrolling to find the best tips to guess-timating your shade like a pro, no swatching required.

Tips To Find Your Foundation Shade Online

Figure Out The Formulation You Like

It’s very important to know the finish you like as well as your skin type before you go for virtual shade shopping. There are different formulations specifically designed for different skin types. For example, for folks with dry skin, a liquid foundation might be more hydrating on the skin rather than a powder foundation that can enhance the dryness. Likewise, it’s better not to use a cream foundation for oily skin as it makes the skin oilier. 

Choose the finish you like 

Knowing your skin type isn’t it: It’s also important to factor in the finish you like before you add it to your cart. If you gravitate towards a glowy or balmy finish, serum-based and liquid foundations are the way to go. If you want your makeup to last longer, then a matte foundation that’s easier to touch up will do the trick. 

Use An App To Find Your Perfect Match

The great thing is that in 2021 numerous apps are taking the beauty tech game to a whole new level of awesomeness. Don’t have a good shade match yet? DW as we scoured the length of the internet to find one of the best apps to find your best match. Some of the apps that can help you pick the ideal foundation shade include findation, temptalia foundation matrix, slapp, and Sephora foundation shade finder to name a few.

Find Your Undertone

It’s crucial to determine your skin’s undertone and then look for the words ‘cool’, ‘warm’, or ‘neutral’ in the shade names you see online. If you think gold jewellery looks good on you, you are more likely to have olive or warm undertones. If you incline towards silver, platinum, or white gold jewellery, you’re more likely to have cooler undertones. If you look great in both, you may have neutral undertones. Similarly, you can also look for colours that come up on your face when flushed, reds, yellows with hints of green in the veins are more warm-toned, and pinkish hues with blue-toned veins are more cool-toned.

Look Out For References

Look out for a celebrity you think looks a bit like you – someone with the same hair and eye colour and relatively similar complexion. It’s easy to be able to look up for what shade and brand of foundation they wear. Finding a beauty influencer with a similar skin tone will also do the trick. 

Tips To Use It If You Get It Wrong

If you’ve followed all the tips but ended up with the wrong foundation shade, don’t fret as you can still put it to use. If the shade is a little too dark for your skin tone, use it in a concoction with your favourite cream and make it sheer. Likewise, if the foundation you’ve bought is too light, mix it with bronzing drops to darken it. If it has the wrong tone altogether, try mixing in a colour-correcting formula.

Bookmark these tips for your next virtual shade shopping!

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